Online book releases odds for Week 1 college football games

Offshore sportsbook SBG Global is one of the first online markets offering odds for Week 1 of the college football season. Spreads are slowly trickling out for the opening slate of the schedule. Here’s a quick look at the games with odds available:

Thursday, August 30

South Carolina -7 (-110)       
Vanderbilt +7 (-110)   

Central Florida -21 (-110)   
Akron +21 (-110)   
Eastern Michigan +4½ (-110)   
Ball State -4½ (-110)   

Texas A&M -9½ (-110)   
Louisiana Tech +9½ (-110)   

Massachusetts +21 (-110)   
Connecticut -21 (-110)   

UCLA -14 (-110)   
Rice +14 (-110)

Texas San Antonio +6 (-110)   
South Alabama -6 (-110)   
Washington State +12½ (-110)   
Brigam Young -12½ (-110)

Minnesota -10 (-110)
Nevada Las Vegas +10 (-110)

Friday, August 31

Tennessee -7 (-110)
North Carolina State +7 (-110)

Boise State +7½ (-110)   
Michigan State -7½ (-110)

Saturday, September 1
Notre Dame -14 (-110)
Navy +14 (-110)
Marshall +22 (-110)   
West Virginia -22 (-110)

Southern Miss +17½ (-110)   
Nebraska -17½ (-110)

Colorado +6 (-110)
Colorado State -6 (-110)

Clemson -3½ (-110)
Auburn +3½ (-110)

Michigan +11 (-110)
Alabama -11 (-110)

Sunday, September 2
Kentucky +13 (-110)
Louisville -13 (-110)

Monday, September 3
Georgia Tech +7½ (-110)   
Virginia Tech -7½ (-110)

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Posted by gridironguy
4 years ago

flashy23, i watched RILEY NELSON the BYU qb play when he was a true frosh at Utah State, so there are some of us out there who actually KNOW THE EFFING CFB GAME. that said, there is value on Wazzu +12.5 but it's game 1 under Leach on the road at night on nat'l tv, so BYU will most likely win as they have continuity under Bronco Mendenhall and veterans all over the field. BYU wins this one, but yes it might be close so i lean Wazzu +12.5 but for me it's no play right now.

Posted by gridironguy
4 years ago

my comments on the comments: "louisville wins by 20 pts" - uhmm, what exactly does their offense have that makes you think that? bridgewater has few weapons. the line at 13 is right on. yes, Colorado is -6, this was a typo, but one poster says "colorado is the play here". well, first off it's a neutral field in denver, so both schools will have 50/50 fans, and both teams have new coaches, neither team has the talent that had 5-7 years ago, and CU's recruiting has not scared anyone the past several yrs. the CU -6 line is correct. NO PLAY

Posted by ugadawgs44
4 years ago

I agree Colorado state should be getting points. Colorado is the play there

Posted by usmail
4 years ago


Posted by Greedybastard
4 years ago

Colorado State should be +6

Posted by dukelefty
4 years ago

I agree with La. Tech getting the pts.

Posted by bej0101
4 years ago

louisville wins by 20 plus..

Posted by jcjcjc24
4 years ago

funny, that is the one that jumped out to me too. GL

Posted by Gunner10
4 years ago

La Tech + 91/2 looks real good.
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Top Response

Posted by ugadawgs44
4 years ago

"I agree Colorado state should be getting points. Colorado is the play there"