Brooklyn Nets go from 200/1 to 20/1 to win the NBA title

Ashton Grewal - Covers Associate Editor
Dwight Howard is already a member of the Brooklyn Nets in the eyes of at least one Las Vegas oddsmaker. The Orlando Magic All-Star center wants to be traded and only to the Brooklyn Nets.

Cantor Gaming sportsbook director Mike Colbert told Covers his odds on the Nets to win the NBA championship are based off the assumption that Howard will soon get his wish.

“We’ve got [the Nets] at 30/1 and we opened them at 60/1 back on June 14th,” Colbert said in a phone conversation Wednesday afternoon.

The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino opened its NBA championship odds around the same time and made the Nets 200/1 long shots. They have them at 20/1 now too, according to LVH oddsmaker Jeff Sherman.

The newly-relocated Nets re-signed All-Star point guard Deron Williams and traded for All-Star shooting guard Joe Johnson. The back court is nice and Gerald Wallace is coming back but the Nets odds to win the title aren't as low as 20/1 if Howard isn't stamping his feet and demanding a trade to Brooklyn.

Still, many question the likeliness of Howard being traded to the Nets. Brooklyn is up against the cap and doesn’t have much to offer in the way of a trade with Orlando. But several Vegas sportsbooks got caught with their pants down on the Chris Paul trade last December and didn’t want the same thing to happen again.

“We had a few bettors place some big bets on the Clippers to win the title at 100/1,” Colbert said. “Some of these [odds to win the title] aren’t as good as they will be in about a month but we’ve got people asking for them every weekend.”

Here’s a look at the opening NBA title odds from the LVH and the current numbers from Cantor Gaming. Keep in mind these odds aren’t a true reflection of what’s changed in the NBA over the last couple weeks. The LVH’s opening weren’t the same as Cantor:

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Posted by joser_31
3 years ago


Posted by BOLIonthestreet
3 years ago

"Brooklyn Zoo"? That has a really offensive tone to it. If had a PR team (highly unlikely),or anyone with a sense of editing this "headline" never see the light of day. Really bad.

Posted by loulo13
3 years ago

The Nets will make a playoff push but to win a title......let's not get carried away. It will be interesting to watch thou.
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Posted by loulo13
3 years ago

"The Nets will make a playoff push but to win a title......let's not get carried away. It will be interesting to watch thou. "

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