Covers Experts' new True Grading System ensures customer fairness

The biggest sports handicapping website in the world, Covers Experts, leads the industry in delivering high-quality professional sports betting advice.

Naturally, the industry leader also strives to set the bar in terms of how fairly it treats its customers and how accurately it tracks records. With those goals in mind, Covers Experts came up with its patented "True Grading System," or TGS. Here's how it works.

The professional handicappers at Covers Experts release their selections at different times. In sports like football, where the odds or lines are available well in advance, picks may be posted a week or more before the game is actually played. For other daily sports, the handicappers often look to attack the overnight lines, releasing their picks the night before the game is played.

Just as handicappers release plays at different times, customers purchase their plays and/or make their wagers at different times.

If you're a visitor at this website, you're probably already aware that there is often line movement on games. In other words, odds change between the time they are available and the time the game begins. Sometimes, a line may make several stops before settling on its closing number.

Here's a quick example of how line movement can affect wagers and the selections of the Covers Experts handicappers:
A line opens with the favorite laying 2.5 points on Sunday night. Handicapper A releases a play on the favorite at -2.5 on Monday morning. Line stays at -2.5 until Thursday morning. On Thursday afternoon, new information causes the spread to climb to -3.5. On Friday, Handicapper B releases a play on the same favorite, with a line of -3.5. On Sunday, the favorite wins 20-17.

That example leads to the important question: What line should be used to grade that game? If -2.5 is used, both handicappers get a win. If -3.5 if used, both handicappers are given a loss. When you think about it, neither of those solutions (opening or closing line) is absolutely fair. If the line of -2.5 is used, Handicapper B gets a win for a play he didn't really win on. However, if -3.5 is used, then Handicapper A gets a loss for a game that was a win when he released the play.
Given the regular occurrence of similar examples, Covers Experts decided it needed to come up with an accurate and fair way to determine which plays were actually winners.

Rather than using the opening, closing or consensus line for its grading, as the various sports monitors attempt to do, Covers Experts came up with an even better way to handle this matter. The fair and true way - the TGS.

The "True Grading System" is both simple and effective. Handicappers are graded against the line that was available when their play was released. If a play was released on Wednesday at 9 a.m. for a Sunday game, just as if he was making a wager, the handicapper is awarded the line as it was on Wednesday at 9 a.m. The actual line may move but the handicapper's line will not. For better or for worse, he’s locked into that spread. This is why you will sometimes see two of the Covers Experts' handicappers have the same play with a different line.

Rest assured, it goes both ways. Sometimes a handicapper benefits by releasing a play early. Sometimes it costs him. Either way, the TGS ensures that handicappers' record accurately reflects what the pick really was.

In order to ensure its customers were also treated with equal fairness, Covers Experts is applying the TGS to the purchase of its guaranteed picks. While a handicapper gets the spread at the time when they released their play, the customer gets the spread at the time when they purchased the play.

Going back to the previous example, if a customer purchased a guaranteed play when the line was still -2.5 and the team won by three, the customer would be charged. However, if the play was purchased when the line was -3.5, using the TGS, the customer would not be charged.

If you really think about it, we feel you'll agree - the TGS is a winner.

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