Packers open as favorites to win 2013 Super Bowl

David Payne Purdum
The Green Bay Packers looked bad in their upset loss to the New York Giants on Sunday. But in the eyes of oddsmakers at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino SuperBook, the Packers are still the favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl.

The SuperBook released odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl on Monday afternoon, opening the Packers at +500 (5/1) favorites.

"Despite the poor performance in the divisional playoffs, the Packers are still considered the top ranked team going into next year," SuperBook executive director Jay Kornegay told "They have youth and plenty of depth to make a serious run at the title…again."

The New Orleans Saints are next at +600, followed by the current favorite to win this year’s Super Bowl, the New England Patriots at +800.

According to SuperBook manager Jeff Sherman, the first bets taken were on the San Francisco 49ers (+2000), Carolina Panthers (+4000), Kansas City Chiefs (+5000), Seattle Seahawks (+5000), Oakland Raiders (+5000) and Washington Redskins (+10000).

Sherman characterized most of those bets as "small," but the SuperBook is expecting a rush of action on the Super Bowl futures in three weeks when this year's Super Bowl draws bettors to sportsbooks.

"As usual, we expect plenty of action on the early future board," added Kornegay. "Most of the early action will come in during Super Bowl weekend. Overall, Americans have plenty of opinions on who’s going to win the Super Bowl no matter what time of year."

Odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl

(Courtesy of LVH SuperBook)

Green Bay Packers 5/1                                       

New Orleans Saints 6/1                                       

New England Patriots 8/1                                   

Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1                                       

Philadelphia Eagles 12/1                                   

Baltimore Ravens 12/1                                       

Houston Texans 15/1                                   

San Francisco 49ers 20/1                                           

New York Giants 20/1                                       

San Diego Chargers 15/1                                           

Dallas Cowboys 20/1                                   

New York Jets 20/1                                       

Atlanta Falcons 20/1                                   

Detroit Lions 20/1                                       

Chicago Bears 30/1                                   

Cincinnati Bengals 40/1                                       

Indianapolis Colts 40/1                  

Carolina Panthers 40/1             

Kansas City Chiefs 50/1                                       

Miami Dolphins 50/1                                       

Oakland Raiders 50/1                                   

Arizona Cardinals 50/1                                            

Seattle Seahawks 50/1                                       

Tennessee Titans 50/1                                           

Denver Broncos 50/1                                       

Buffalo Bills 50/1                                            

Minnesota Vikings 50/1                                         

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50/1                                           

Cleveland Browns 100/1                                       

Washington Redskins 100/1                                            

St. Louis Rams 100/1                                       

Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1                                      

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Posted by Nat1969
5 years ago

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Posted by sirrobinhood
5 years ago

just like in nhl dont waste $ on sharks, in mlb dont waste $ on cubbies. losers

Posted by sirrobinhood
5 years ago

agree wiz. with that said. dont waste $ on the jets, and chargers.

Posted by smitty73
5 years ago

texans 15/1 looks like a good play..

Posted by wizardofroz
5 years ago

This season is still far from over, but the odds on next year's Super Bowl champs is already being discussed? What a boring, useless life you must have.
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Posted by wizardofroz
5 years ago

"This season is still far from over, but the odds on next year's Super Bowl champs is already being discussed? What a boring, useless life you must have. "