NFL Trend Betting - New Angles And Analysis

While the number of betting styles varies almost as much as the number of bettors out there, most people agree that a basic trend analysis is an important part of picking winners profitably.

The problem is that it’s almost impossible for average bettors to get the full story behind the trends we all read.

Take the final game of this opening week with Oakland playing in Denver on Monday night.

Before the game, a site published a live trend saying that Oakland is 10-20 in their last 30 games against AFC teams as a road underdog. 10-20? A 33.3 percent win rate?

When that’s the entire story, it sounds like a bad ending waiting to happen for Oakland fans.

But what if there was more to the story. What if you looked at the odds from each of those 30 games where the trend was live and assumed you bet, say, $10 on each of them?

It’d be a much happier ending. You’d actually have a profit of $147, representing a return on your “investment in the trend” of 49 percent. Suddenly, Oakland wasn’t such a bad bet on Monday night, but only those with the tools to get the full story knew that.

Luckily, now there’s a way for rest of us. NFL Team Trends shows you trends for their long term profitability - not just their short term streaks. It is a fast and easy way to find the most profitable trends for each game this NFL season.

So what happens next time Oakland plays an AFC team as a road underdog? If you use NFL Team Trends, you’ll have an email in your inbox letting you know, giving you plenty of time before kickoff to continue investing in the trend. You can “follow” as many profitable trends as you want, and be notified automatically whenever one becomes live.

Get the full story behind each trend this season. Activate your free trial to NFL Team Trends now!

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Posted by Doc_Holiday
3 years ago

Once a trend is discovered it ceases to exist

Posted by Evaubaut
3 years ago

more recent trends i feel can be helpful, keep in mind that some trends can be started when current players were in high school at any time

Posted by WinsNow999
3 years ago

Trends are good, when only their results are correct !!!

Posted by vue21849
4 years ago

Trends in the NFL have some validity in early season betting up to mid season where tradionally they hit a brick wall. From that point on it's better to deal with statistics that relate better to current reality, rather than ancient history.

Posted by Gunner10
5 years ago

Sometimes trends can be a vary good tool. I use them in both college and in the NFL.
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Posted by Gunner10
5 years ago

"Sometimes trends can be a vary good tool. I use them in both college and in the NFL."