Report: Shaq seeking $10 million deal to play in Europe

Aging star Shaquille O'Neal is testing the European market in an attempt to sign a $10 million contract for the upcoming season, according to a report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

According to the report, O'Neal is seeking $10 million to play overseas in an effort to grab one more big payday before he retires. The report did not mention what European teams O'Neal's agent had approached.

O'Neal could re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers for about $6 million. Other NBA teams interested in O'Neal's services in what would be his 19th season in the league are the San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics, according to a report on

O'Neal, who averaged 12.0 points and 6.7 rebounds per game last season for the Cavs and missed almost half the season with injuries, signed a one-year, $20 million deal with Cleveland last season.

The Cavs, who were listed as 8/1 picks to win the NBA title next season before LeBron James bolted for Miami, are now listed at 75/1.

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Posted by moovinonup
6 years ago


Posted by Davidscott40
6 years ago

Didn't realize Shaq was hurting that bad for cash..lmao. Sounds like a desperate move on his part, for $ 3 million more to play overseas....WHEN you've made over $ 200 mill in your career.

Posted by w8rh3wk5
6 years ago

But in Europe, he could be a big draw for a team, which could recoup some of that money... In the states, we've seen Shaq for sometime now, no one will go to a game b/c Shaq is playing in it...

Posted by gold6185
6 years ago

Shaq is hoping someone will pay him 10 million to sit on the bench???? Anyone who pays Shaq 10 million at this point ought to have his head examined.
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