World Cup futures: Argentina, Germany improve odds

Bad calls or not, both Germany and Argentina got slight bumps in their future odds for their impressive (albeit referee-aided) victories on Sunday.

For the second time on Sunday a disputed goal played a role in the outcome of a World Cup game as Argentina used a controversial score to eliminate Mexico 3-1.

Carlos Tevez was offsides when he took a pass from Lionel Messi and headed it home for the match's first goal of the game at the 26-minute mark. The referee was surrounded by players on both sides arguing the call.

Gonzalo Higuain added another goal seven minutes later and Tevez scored for the second time in the 52nd minute to advance to the quarterfinals.

It was the second match of the day that featured a controversial call on a goal. England appeared to score on a shot off the crossbar that was missed by the officials in a 4-1 loss to Germany. England saw a potential tying goal by Frank Lampard in the first half ignored by officials and mustered little thereafter.

Argentina became the third best bet to win the World Cup as its odds moved to 15/4, behind only Spain (4/1) and Brazil (10/3). Germany improved to fifth in the odds at 7/1, slightly behind the Netherlands (13/2).

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Posted by tmurda666
6 years ago

argentinahas got some swagger.... my pick to win....

Posted by cantex48
6 years ago

a math lesson may be in order,since 4-1,is actually Behind,15-4,simply cuz 4 goes into 16, 4 times! so Brazil,is 333,Argentina is nxt(under 4-1) THEN Spain!

Posted by nc1capper
6 years ago

BRAZIL at + 375 for me,,,lets go SAMBA BOYS
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Top Response

Posted by tmurda666
6 years ago

"argentinahas got some swagger.... my pick to win...."