Prop odds for Tiger Woods press conference Friday

Ireland-based sportsbook, Paddy Power, is renowned for deriving some of the best entertainment betting props on God’s clover green earth.

With Tiger Woods' monumental “press conference” scheduled to air Friday at 11 a.m. (ET), Paddy and his drinking buddies have come up with some wagering options that would rival even the best Super Bowl props.

There are three sectors of Tiger props offered for tomorrow’s action: Clichés, crying and apologies.

The cliché option is what Tiger will say in his opening statement. “I regret the hurt I’ve caused” is the odds-on favorite at 7/2 followed by short odds for “Thank my family” (5/1), “I’m sorry” (5/1) and “Time to reflect” (6/1).

The big man upstairs is getting 12/1 odds but that hardly seems likely as Tiger has never thanked a higher being for his talent.

A couple of longshots that seem probable are “I love Elin very much” (33/1) and “Sex addiction” (66/1). You know he’s going to have to supply a shout out to his Norwegian goddess and if not, he’s going to blame an addiction to sex that put him in the Mississippi clinic in the first place.

Don’t even waste your money on “I’m retiring from golf” (200/1). Tim Finchem’s head might explode if Tiger opens with that statement.

A couple of classics are “My tiger has been tamed” and “At least I didn’t pay” at 250/1.

The number of times Tiger will say the word “sorry” is also a hot prop item. There isn’t an over/under total but a range from zero to six or more. A single apology is the favorite at 5/2 while "none" s the longshot at 16/1.

The final betting prop on the board for Friday is a simple YES/NO wager that asks, will Tiger cry?

The answer of “NO” is getting the majority of action at 1/4 but you may want to take a shot at “YES” with 5/2 odds because as we’ve seen recently with other athletes stepping forward with an admission of guilt, there hasn’t been a shortage of sobs or tears.

Below is the complete prop sheet posted by Paddy Power:

Cliché betting – What will Tiger say first?

  • 7/2 I regret the hurt I’ve caused
  • 5/1 Thank my family
  • 5/1 I’m sorry
  • 6/1 Time to reflect
  • 10/1 Return to golf
  • 12/1 Appeal for privacy
  • 12/1 Getting back on the course
  • 12/1 Thank God
  • 14/1 Thanks to my sponsors who have stuck by me
  • 14/1 The Masters
  • 16/1 Doing what I do best
  • 16/1 Look to my family and God for forgiveness
  • 20/1 Thank IMG for all their support
  • 20/1 I am now just looking to the future
  • 20/1 Time for change
  • 25/1 We all need to move on
  • 25/1 We’ve all made mistakes
  • 33/1 I love Elin very much
  • 66/1 Sex addiction
  • 80/1 I just want to get back out on the course and concentrate on scoring birdies
  • 80/1 Hate the sin, love the sinner
  • 80/1 OK I admit it looks bad, but…
  • 100/1 Jack Nicklaus
  • 100/1 I’ve lost count how many
  • 100/1 Get in the hole
  • 100/1 I got a few too many birdies
  • 100/1 Gentlemen do prefer blondes
  • 100/1 They tried to make me go rehab
  • 200/1 Thank God for John Terry
  • 200/1 I’m not as bad as Ashley
  • 200/1 I am retiring from professional golf
  • 250/1 My tiger is back in it’s cage
  • 250/1 My tiger has been tamed
  • 250/1 At least I didn’t pay
  • 500/1 I did not have sexual relations with that woman

How many times will Tiger say “sorry”?

  • 16/1 None
  • 5/2 One
  • 9/4 Two
  • 7/2 Three
  • 9/2 Four
  • 5/1 Five
  • 7/2 Six or more

Will Tiger cry during the press conference?

  • 5/2 Yes
  • 1/4 No

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Posted by PremierEdge
7 years ago

Hahaha I wish one of my books had this. " Yes " to crying is a lock. He is going to try and gain empathy from all the fans. The best way to do that is to cry, and we all know Tiger Woods isn't supid. The tears flow and flow heavy.

Posted by SamRuby
7 years ago

I'm sure there are alot of very ugly nurses at the sex rehab clinic...

Posted by Dogjimbo
7 years ago

This will be his most awkward day since Valentine's Day!!

Posted by GDayMate
7 years ago

If I was Tiger I'd tell them all to go root their boot.....why does the silly bugger have to give a public apology?......and this sex clinic caper - hasn't that caused some laughs over here......what do you do at a sex clinic - exchange phone numbers?.....what a farce!

Posted by kash2009
7 years ago

you don't think the sportsbook sleazy motherfckers don't have access to what is written in the statement??those sacks of sht aren't creating odds based on what is being bet, they are trying to entice action on the long shots that people think have a chance

Posted by musclehead
7 years ago

If you wager on this you are either a PR genious of a complete degenerate. Can I bet this in Vegas ? LOL
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Top Response

Posted by Dogjimbo
7 years ago

"This will be his most awkward day since Valentine's Day!!"