Bet on Miss World Pageant is offering Prop Bettors odds for the upcoming Miss World Pageant, the oldest and most prestigious of the major beauty pageants.

The 2008 Miss World 2008 Pageant, which takes place Dec. 13 in Johannesburg, South Africa, will feature 112 contestants from around the world.

The top five favorites in Prop Betting Odds are: Miss Ukraine (+500); Miss Spain (+700); Miss Ecuador (+800); Miss Mexico (+1000); and Miss Trinidad and Tobago (+1000).

Along with rivals the Miss Universe Pageant and the Miss Earth contest, the Miss World Pageant is one of the biggest beauty contests in the world. The final competition is the world's largest live annual beauty pageant television event with more than two billion viewers in more than 200 countries.

The winner spends a year travelling to represent the Miss World Organization and its various charitable causes. Miss World lives in London during her reign. The current title holder is Zhang Zilin of China.

The pageant started in 1951 as the Festival Bikini Contest, in honour of the swim suit that had just recently been introduced. Originally planned as a one-off event, event Eric Morley decided to make the pageant an annual event when the Miss Universe Pageant began.

In 1959, the British Broadcasting Corporation began broadcasting the competition, and the pageant's popularity grew as TV became more popular.

In the 1980s, the pageant rebranded itself with the slogan “Beauty With a Purpose,” and included news competitions for intelligence and personality.

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