Odds to win 2007-08 NBA Championship

Futures odds for the 2007-08 NBA champion

Dallas Mavericks +450  
Phoenix Suns +450
San Antonio Spurs +350

Cleveland Cavaliers +1300
Detroit Pistons +1000
Houston Rockets +1200
Chicago Bulls +1300
Miami Heat +1300
Denver Nuggets +3000 
Utah Jazz +3000  
Golden State Warriors +3500  
Toronto Raptors +4500  
Washington Wizards +6000 
Los Angeles Clippers +10000 
New Jersey Nets +4500  
Los Angeles Lakers +2500  
Orlando Magic +4500  
Seattle Sonics +6000  
Portland Blazers +6000  
New Orleans Hornets +6000  
Milwaukee Bucks +10000  
Charlotte BobCats +10000  
Atlanta Hawks +10000  
Minnesota T-Wolves +10000  
New York Knicks +10000  
Sacramento Kings +10000  
Indiana Pacers +10000  
Philadelphia 76ers +10000 

Boston Celtics +700 
Memphis Grizzlies +10000

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Posted by paolho
9 years ago

lovin Pho as well

Posted by mtr87111
9 years ago

The Champs will depend, as it has in the past several years, upon who David Stern has a crush. Since Stern has become Commissioner and-- being a great businessman--has treated the League as a company (i.e., favor the popular teams; make sure the popular teams make the Playoffs; MAKE SURE one of the most popular teams win the Championship; etc.). It's all about MONEY--NOT WHO IS THE BEST TEAM. It's about the bottom line: make the NBA as profitable (marketing, etc.) as possible. The NBA is no longer about the best, or most deserving team, winning--it's about making the most money by PUTTING the most popular teams in the Playoffs--NO MATTER WHAT (corrupt referees, bad calls, etc.). Just ask the Detroit Pistons and Dallas Mavericks. They have to play 120%+ the game that the Spurs/Heat/Cavs play just to win, because of the referees and Stern. Still, I believe the Pistons and the Suns, or Mavs, will make the Finals.

Posted by biggie213
9 years ago

Jump on the Suns people.
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Posted by paolho
9 years ago

"lovin Pho as well"