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In case you haven't gotten your fill of Pete Rose yet, here’s a tidbit from Las Vegas.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has pulled video surveillance tapes of a recent Rose betting spree at the Palms Hotel. The problem isn’t Rose gambling, but of people seeing Rose making and receiving numerous cell phone calls from the Palm’s sportsbook.

That’s a strict no-no. Lose all the money you want, but don’t ever use your cell phone in a Nevada sportsbook. You’ll be suspected of phoning or making bets from someone out of state.

The Rose phone incident was first reported by Timothy McDarrah of the Las Vegas Sun in his April 19th VegasBeat column.

Rose was sighted by numerous people watching the April 18th Yankees-Red Sox game in a roped-off area, so he wouldn’t be bothered.

“Rose had a handful of betting tickets in his hand, but our source couldn’t tell if they were for the baseball game or for horse racing, or for any of the NHL playoff games also being televised,” McDarrah wrote.

Rose betting in Las Vegas is no big deal. He’s been spotted numerous times at the MGM Grand sportsbook, where for a while he helped host a sports talk show. Last April there were even rumors Rose might become a casino host for the Palms doing various promotions.

But supposedly Rose wanted to hold off until it was decided if Major League Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig would take him off the permanently banned list, allowing him to be elected to the Hall of Fame.

We know how that went.

Most people now see Rose for what he really is, a lying hypocrite. What’s disturbing about this latest incident is the way Rose flaunts things. According to McDarrah’s reports, Rose also was seen eating off room-service delivery carts in the front row of the Palms sportsbook.

Even casual tourists know cell phones are not allowed in the race and sportsbook area. If they don’t, there are signs posted everywhere telling them. Rose had to know this. Yet, once again, he showed he’s above the rules by allegedly making numerous cell phones calls from the sportsbook. Now the Palms could be looking at a hefty fine.

Here’s my solution to the Rose situation: Enshrine him in the Hall of Fame, but with one stipulation - for this to happen, Rose has to move to another part of the world. My guess is Rose would choose Costa Rica.

Nobody is wired more into the sports betting scene than Stephen Nover. Nover has been covering sports gaming in Las Vegas since 1984, and his guaranteed picks can now be found at Covers Experts.

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