NBA Power Rankings: Week 4

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

The Golden State Warriors take over the top spot of the Power Rankings this week, while the Memphis Grizzlies climb a couple of spots to get into the top three.

NBA Power Rankings

Rank Last Week Change Team W-L (ATS) Power Rating Team Comments
1 3 up 2 5-2
-13 Golden State
There's a new number one in the rankings as the Warriors have bounced back from their only two losses of the season with three straight victories, the last two coming in blowout fashion.
2 1 down 1 3-3
-12.9 Cleveland
Had the Cavaliers not lost outright as 12-point home favorites to Denver Monday night, they would have maintained the top spot. Allowing 104.3 PPG is a concern.
3 5 up 2 7-1
-12.8 Memphis
The league's first team to 10 wins is a perfect 6-0 (straight up) at home and 7-0 vs. the Western Conference.
4 4 same 6-1
-12.7 Houston
The Rockets have failed to cover three straight, including very ugly wins over both Philadelphia and Oklahoma City. But I like the way they're playing defense.
5 6 up 1 5-3
-12.2 Portland
By virtue of beating Dallas earlier in the year, the Blazers have a slightly better ATS record and thus get ranked one spot higher. Both teams are now 7-3 SU.
6 8 up 2 5-3
-12 Dallas
Three straight lopsided wins, including a ridiculous one by 53 over Philadelphia, have inflated the Mavs' point differential to the best in the league right now. But they definitely belong up here.
7 2 down 5 4-3
-11.9 San Antonio
It really doesn't matter that I'm dropping the Spurs down this low for the time being. By the end of the season, they'll be back near the top. As for now, the other top teams in the West have just played better basketball.
8 7 down 1 6-2
-11.5 Chicago
The Bulls are averaging 102.5 PPG and winning when Derrick Rose misses games. That's not a good sign for the rest of the Eastern Conference.
9 9 same 4-3
-10 L.A. Clippers
Now a bankroll busting 1-8 against the spread, the Clips have the worst pointspread record in the league by a mile.
10 11 up 1 7-1
-9.8 Toronto
The Raptors have the best record (8-2) and point differential (+9.2) in the East, but some of that has to do with a weak schedule. They've played just three road games so far.
11 13 up 2 5-2
-9.5 Washington
The Wiz have yet to lose a game at home, but failed to cover there against Orlando, Detroit and Indiana.
12 10 down 2 5-2
-9.4 Miami
As soon as rapper Rick Ross guaranteed the Heat would have a better record this year than the Cavs, they started playing worse.
13 12 down 1 4-3
-8.9 Phoenix
The Suns have the distinction of being the only team to fail to cover against the Clippers this year. But they also have an outright win over the Warriors.
14 14 same 3-3
-8.5 New Orleans
The only teams to defeat the Pelicans this year are: Dallas, Portland, Cleveland and Memphis.
15 17 up 2 4-2
-8 Brooklyn
The Nets have lost four in a row and are shooting the ball very poorly. But they're still slightly in the black when it comes to point differential.
16 15 down 1 3-3
-7.5 Atlanta
Losing the way the Hawks did to Cleveland is bad, but also understandable. Losing to the Lakers (which they did Tuesday) is just plain embarrassing.
17 18 up 1 5-3
-7 Sacramento
This team is a tough out. In each of their last four games, they've held a double digit lead. Yet they've won only once and that was against San Antonio!
18 16 down 2 3-5
-5.5 Charlotte
Thanks to a 1-5 road record, the Hornets are officially becoming a disappointment. Still only two wins all year that didn't come as a result of a buzzer beater.
19 24 up 5 4-4
-3 Milwaukee
What a surprise it is to see the Bucks this high! Last year, it took the Bucks 26 games to get to five wins. They already have six this year and are now over .500.
20 27 up 7 2-6
-2.9 Orlando
The Magic are the league's hottest team against the spread currently at 7-0 ATS their last seven games.
21 25 up 4 2-6
-2.8 Indiana
A surprising outright win (in the second night of back to backs) at Chicago was the Pacers' third in four games. They've only lost once all season by double digits.
22 26 up 4 3-5
-2.7 Utah
Like Charlotte, the Jazz have won a couple of games at the buzzer. They are also 7-3 ATS their last 10 games.
23 23 same 3-3
-2.6 Boston
The league's top Over team. They are No. 3 in scoring, but unfortunately (for them) also third worst in terms of points allowed.
24 28 up 4 2-6
-2.5 Oklahoma City
You'd like to think that last weekend's ranking was the Thunder "bottoming out," but scoring only 65 points against the Rockets is as low as it gets.
25 22 down 3 2-5
-2.4 Detroit
It's looking like it could be a second straight year with promises unfulfilled.
26 19 down 7 2-6
-2.3 New York
A home win over Denver keeps them from falling any lower, but it was also their only win in the last nine games.
27 21 down 6 1-5
-2 Denver
On Monday, they joined the Knicks as the second double digit dog to beat Cleveland outright this season.
28 20 down 8 2-4
-1.5 Minnesota
Five straight losses and all of them have resulted in non-covers. They've allowed 130+ points in each of the last two.
29 29 same 1-6
-1 L.A. Lakers
Kobe Bryant and his sheep have been underdogs of at least six points in all but one game this season.
30 30 same 0-7
2 Philadelphia
Three of their last four losses have come by at least 25 points. They probably won't be favored to win a single game all season.

Power Ratings compute offensive and defensive statistics into one number for each team, while accounting for factors like recent performances and strength of schedule. Power Ratings can be used as a baseline for relative spread index to compare current or future match-ups between two teams. The relative spread does not account for non-statistical factors like home-field advantage, recent injuries, game time decisions, rivalries, publicity, and weather.