NBA Power Rankings: Week 26

By Power Sports - Covers Expert

The end of the NBA regular season is finally here and while they my not be going after 73 wins, the San Antonio Spurs top our final Power Rankings of the season. Bring on the playoffs!

NBA Power Rankings

Rank Last Week Change Team W-L (ATS) Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 66-15
-14.9 San Antonio
If there is one thing that should concern the Spurs, it's not that they've failed to cover seven straight times (Wednesday pending). It's that they are 0-5 SU/ATS as underdogs, losing those games by an average of 14 PPG.
2 2 same 72-9
-14.4 Golden State
Though not No. 1 in the rankings, the Warriors are still the favorite to win it all because of the fact they would have home court advantage against the Spurs.
3 3 same 55-27
-9.9 Oklahoma City
A team that will finish with either 55 or 56 wins and has two of the four most efficient players in the league probably won't even make the Conference Finals. How crazy is that?
4 4 same 57-24
-9.1 Cleveland
The Cavs actually posted a much better efficiency rating this year and should probably be healthier in the playoffs. Why then will they likely be given LESS of a chance to win the Finals?
5 5 same 53-28
-8.7 L.A. Clippers
The Clippers have yet to reach the Conference Finals in franchise history. With Golden State looming as a second round opponent, that streak will continue.
6 6 same 48-33
-7.3 Atlanta
Atlanta Last year, the Hawks were a No. 1 seed that no one believed in. This year, the numbers indicate that they are underrated, no matter what seed they end up getting.
7 7 same 55-26
-7.2 Toronto
There's going to be a lot of pressure on this team as it is burdened by the fact the franchise has just one playoff series win to its credit and that came all the way back in 2001.
8 9 up 1 47-34
-6.1 Charlotte
The Hornets were the biggest surprise in the Eastern Conference, eclipsing Vegas' projected win total (of 31) all the way back on March 2nd. The franchise has never won a playoff series.
9 8 down 1 47-34
-5.9 Boston
The highest scoring team in the Eastern Conference (105.8 PPG) could end up being an undervalued lower seed in Round 1.
10 10 same 48-33
-5.7 Miami
The Heat are being given the third best odds to win the East (behind Cleveland and Toronto), but that's misguided according to these rankings.
11 11 same 44-37
-5.2 Indiana
Even though they lost three of four regular season matchups vs. the Raptors, I believe the Pacers will be a tough first round opponent. They are 31-20 ATS vs. conference opponents w/ one to play.
12 12 same 40-41
-4.7 Utah
It would be a crushing blow for the Jazz if they failed to make the playoffs this season. These rankings indicate that they are the 5th best team in the West!
13 14 up 1 42-39
-3.5 Dallas
Only one time this century have the Mavs missed the playoffs and that was in 2013. This year's squad is probably even weaker than that team and will strike little fear into whichever higher seed they play.
14 13 down 1 43-38
-3.5 Portland
No team exceeded Vegas' projection more than this one did. Only Philadelphia was pegged for fewer wins this year than the Blazers (25.5)!
15 15 same 43-38
-2.7 Detroit
Congrats to the Pistons for making the playoffs for the first time since 2008-09. That season saw them get swept in the first round by LeBron James and Cleveland. It has all come full circle!
16 16 same 40-41
-2.4 Houston
The Jazz collapse opened the door for what should be a Rockets playoff appearance. Expect a short stay as they would have to play Golden State.
17 17 same 40-41
-2.2 Washington
Expected to be a playoff team (Vegas had them at 46.5 wins at the start of the year), the Wizards were a big disappointment and I don't see how Randy Wittman keeps his job.
18 18 same 35-46
-1.1 Orlando
Though they barely went Over their projected win total of 34.5, give credit to the Magic for finishing with the league's best ATS record.
19 19 same 41-40
-1 Chicago
Here's another massive disappointment as the only teams that finished further below their projected season win total were: Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Houston, New Orleans and Phoenix and the Lakers.
20 20 same 42-39
-0.4 Memphis
The Grizzlies have lost eight times by 20 or more points this season and I have them rated as the worst team in the playoffs - by far.
21 22 up 1 33-48
-0.4 Sacramento
As I said last week, this is the most wins for the Kings in any season since 2007-08. They even went Over their projected season win total (32.5) thanks to B2B wins over OKC and Phoenix.
22 21 down 1 32-50
-0.2 New York
The Knicks finished slightly ahead of their projected win total (29.5), but Kurt Rambis was a disaster and the team lost 28 of its last 38 games.
23 24 up 1 28-53
0.2 Minnesota
Another team that finished slightly ahead of the projection (26.5) and they have a nice young nucleus to build around.
24 23 down 1 33-48
0.5 Milwaukee
The Bucks "earned" the honor of biggest disappointment in the East as they were projected for 44.5 wins and will fall either 10.5 or 11.5 shy of that total.
25 26 up 1 33-48
0.7 Denver
Little was expected of the Nuggets coming into the year and they actually exceeded expectations (26.5 wins) quite easily.
26 25 down 1 30-51
0.7 New Orleans
This is the biggest disappointment in the league. Even if they win Wednesday, they'll still fall short of their projected win total by 16.5 games!
27 27 same 21-60
4.5 Brooklyn
With no lottery pick to fall back on (it goes to Boston), the future is bleak. I would anticipate this being one of the worst teams in the league again next year.
28 28 same 22-59
4.9 Phoenix
The Suns were actually projected to win 36.5 games and started the year 11-14. They've won only 11 games since (out of 56).
29 29 same 10-71
7 Philadelphia
The Sixers couldn't even come close to what was the lowest projected win total in the league (20.5). Thus, Sam Hinkie was given his walking papers.
30 30 same 16-65
7.8 L.A. Lakers
It would be quite appropriate if the last possession of the Lakers season (their worst in history) ended with a missed shot from Kobe Bryant.

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