Covers exclusive: Golden Nugget's opening college football spreads

Jun 11, 2012 |
The Golden Nugget has released odds on 111 NCAAF games.
The Golden Nugget has released odds on 111 NCAAF games.
It’s been 154 days since Alabama topped LSU in the BCS National Championship Game and there are still another 80 sleeps before the 2012 college football season kicks off.

Preview magazines and preseason forecasts tickle our taste buds but nothing makes bettors' mouths water like college football spreads in June.

For a sixth straight year, the Golden Nugget sportsbook in Las Vegas is posting its game of the year lines. Odds for 111 NCAAF games will go up on the board at 10 am PT but Covers got an exclusive sneak peek at them.

Not all these games are projected to be barn burners. Golden Nugget sportsbook director Tony Miller told Covers he included more games involving Top 25 teams because "that's what the public wants to bet."

Check out the full interview with Tony Miller and get the exclusive story behind the Games of the Year spreads.

You'll also see more Pac-12 games on the board because of the frequent visitors Las Vegas gets from neighbor state California. And to keep locals happy there's a few UNLV games included too.

Here are a few highlights of some of the more interesting pointspreads:

Biggest non-conference games:

Friday, Aug. 31
Boise State at Michigan State -6

Saturday, Sept. 1
Michigan vs. Alabama -12 (at Arlington)

Biggest spreads:

Saturday, Oct. 20
UNLV at Boise State -35.5
Colorado at USC -34

Biggest games:

Saturday, Oct. 13
Texas vs. Oklahoma -5.5 (at Dallas)

Saturday, Nov. 3
Alabama at LSU -2
Oregon at USC -6   



-24 vs. Cal
-14 at Utah
-21 at Syracuse
-7.5 at Stanford
-19 at Washington
-34 vs. Colorado
-27 vs. Arizona State
-14 at Arizona
-16 at UCLA
-6 vs. Oregon
-13 vs. Notre Dame


-12 vs. Michigan (at Arlington)
-31 vs. Mississippi
-6.5 at Arkansas
-14 at Missouri
-17 at Tennessee
-24 vs. Mississippi State
-18 vs. Auburn
+2 at LSU
-20 vs. Texas A&M


-20 vs. Washington
+6 at USC
-13 vs. Stanford
-16 at Oregon State


-14.5 vs. Kansas State
-5.5 vs. Texas - at Dallas
-11 vs. Notre Dame
-17 vs. Baylor
-4 at West Virginia
-8 vs. Oklahoma State
-9.5 at TCU

Notre Dame

-13.5 vs. Navy (at Ireland)
-9.5 vs. Miami (at Chicago)
-5 vs. Stanford
+3 at Michigan State
-1 vs. Michigan
-12 at Boston College
-9 vs. BYU
+11 at Oklahoma
-12.5 vs. Pitt
+13 at USC


-11 vs. Baylor
-7 vs. TCU
-3 at Kansas State
+ 3 at Oklahoma State
-4 vs. West Virginia
+5.5 vs. Oklahoma (at Dallas)


-7 at Florida
-21 vs. Washington
-10.5 at Auburn
-17 vs. Mississippi State
-8 at Texas A&M
-26 vs. Mississippi
-3 at Arkansas
-2 at Alabama

Conference newcomers:


Georgia at Missouri (+3)
Missouri at South Carolina (-5)
Alabama at Missouri (+14)
Missouri at Florida (-5.5)
Missouri at Tennessee (-1)
Missouri at Texas A&M (-3)

Texas A&M

Florida at Texas A&M (Pick)
Arkansas at Texas A&M (+2.5)
LSU at Texas A&M (+8)
Texas A&M at Auburn (-3.5)
Texas A&M at Alabama (-20)
Missouri at Texas A&M (-3)

West Virginia

Baylor at West Virginia (-11)
West Virginia at Texas (-4)
Kansas State at West Virginia (-7.5)
TCU at West Virginia (-6)
West Virginia at Oklahoma State (-6.5)
Oklahoma at West Virginia (+4)

Texas Christian

TCU at Oklahoma State (-9)
TCU at West Virginia (-6)
Kansas State at TCU (-3.5)
TCU at Texas (-7)
Oklahoma at TCU (+9.5)

And here’s the full board:

Friday, August 31

Boise State at Michigan State (-6)

Saturday, September 1

Marshall at West Virginia (-20)
Michigan vs. Alabama (-12)
Auburn vs. Clemson (-2)
Navy vs. Notre Dame (-13.5)

Sunday, September 2

Kentucky at Louisville (-11.5)
Colorado vs. Colorado State (+6.5)

Thursday, September 6

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (-5)

Saturday, September 8

Oklahoma State at Arizona (+9.5)
Miami at Kansas State (-7)
Iowa State at Iowa (-5)
Washington at LSU (-21)
Georgia at Missouri (+3)
Florida at Texas A&M (Pick)
Nebraska at UCLA (+7)
USC vs. Syracuse (+21)

Friday, September 14

Washington State at UNLV (+17.5)

Saturday, September 15

Alabama at Arkansas (+6.5)
Notre Dame at Michigan State (-3)
USC at Stanford (+7.5)
Florida at Tennessee (+5)

Saturday, September 22

LSU at Auburn (+10.5)
Clemson at Florida State (-8)
Michigan at Notre Dame (-1)
Kansas State at Oklahoma (-14.5)
Missouri at South Carolina (-5)
California at USC (-24)

Saturday, September 29

Mississippi at Alabama (-31)
Tennessee at Georgia (-13.5)
Ohio State at Michigan State (-5)
Wisconsin at Nebraska (-3)
Texas at Oklahoma State (-3)
Arkansas at Texas A&M (+2.5)
Baylor at West Virginia (-11)

Thursday, October 4

USC at Utah (+14)

Saturday, October 6

Arkansas at Auburn (+4.5)
LSU at Florida (+7)
Kansas at Kansas State (-20)
Nebraska at Ohio State (-1)
Washington at Oregon (-20)
Georgia at South Carolina (+2.5)
West Virginia at Texas (-4)
Miami vs. Notre Dame (-9.5)

Saturday, October 13

Stanford at Notre Dame (-5)
Nevada at UNLV (+17.5)
Alabama at Missouri (+14)
USC at Washington (+19)
Texas vs. Oklahoma (-5.5)

Saturday, October 20

UNLV at Boise State (-35.5)
Stanford at Cal (+4)
South Carolina at Florida (-3.5)
Florida State at Miami (+9.5)
Michigan State at Michigan (-6)
BYU at Notre Dame (-9)
Alabama at Tennessee (+17)
Baylor at Texas (-11)
LSU at Texas A&M (+8)
Colorado at USC (-34)
Kansas State at West Virginia (-7.5)

Friday, October 26

Mississippi State at Alabama (-24)
USC at Arizona (+14)
Texas A&M at Auburn (-3.5)
Michigan at Nebraska (+2)
Notre Dame at Oklahoma (-11)
TCU at Oklahoma State (-9)
Ohio State at Penn State (+3.5)
Tennessee at South Carolina (-7.5)
Michigan State at Wisconsin (-5)
Florida vs. Georgia (-4.5)

Thursday, November 1

Virginia Tech at Miami (+6.5)

Saturday, November 3

Missouri at Florida (-5.5)
Oklahoma State at Kansas State (-1)
Alabama at LSU (-2)
Nebraska at Michigan State (-5)
Pittsburgh at Notre Dame (-12.5)
Oregon at USC (-6)
TCU at West Virginia (-6)

Thursday, November 8

Florida State at Virginia Tech (-1)

Saturday, November 10

Texas A&M at Alabama (-20)
Georgia at Auburn (+6)
Notre Dame at Boston College (+12)
Mississippi State at LSU (-17)
Baylor at Oklahoma (-17)
West Virginia at Oklahoma State (-6.5)
Arkansas at South Carolina (+2.5)
Kansas State at TCU (-3.5)
Missouri at Tennessee (-1)
Arizona State at USC (-27)

Saturday, November 17

Mississippi at LSU (-26)
Stanford at Oregon (-13)
USC at UCLA (+16)
Ohio State at Wisconsin (-6)
Oklahoma at West Virginia (+4)

Friday, November 23

Arizona State at Arizona (-5.5)
Washington at Washington State (-3)

Saturday, November 24

Auburn at Alabama (-18)
LSU at Arkansas (+3)
South Carolina at Clemson (-3.5)
Florida at Florida State (-7.5)
Mississippi State at Mississippi (+10)
Michigan at Ohio State (+2)
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma (-8)
Oregon at Oregon State (+16)
TCU at Texas (-7)
Missouri at Texas A&M (-3)
Notre Dame at USC (-13)

Saturday, December 1

Texas at Kansas State (+3)
Oklahoma at TCU (+9.5)

Saturday, December 3

Army vs. Navy (-4.5)
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