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LeagueCapper replied to The Series Price is Stupid
in NBA Betting
Perfectly stated, well done Andy
Quote Originally Posted by ByTheBay:


Well done LC, nice screenshot. I must have missed some of these. Nice add ons.

What’s our plan for the finals? Should any of us be looking to bet the series number? Those of us who didn’t get those championship adds you got.

Some of these date all the way back to October, as I've added on throughout the season, but yes we'll be on Toronto series here soon
Quote Originally Posted by yaongingy:

Congrats on the plays LC

One curiosity: are you gonna hedge your Toronto bets? Judging by your screenshot and if my math doesn't fail me, you have 2.3 K  to win 29.5 K, if Toronto wins it all, that's a lot of money to let it ride...

Hedge? No, i'll be adding on
NBA YTD: 151-137 ATS +27.07 Units

Raptors +1.5 series +100 (2x) 
Raptors -1.5 series +379 (1x)  
Raptors to win the East +250 (3x)
Blazers +8 -110 (2.5x) +290 (0.5x) gm 2 

Raptors +6 -101 (3x) gm 1  
Raptors O 105.5 -110 (1x) gm 1 
Raptors +6.5 -103 (5x) +245 (1x) gm 2 
Blazers to win the West +3500 (0.5x) 

2-3 ATS +4.51 units

NBA YTD: 153-140 ATS +31.58 Units

Thank you Kawhi, for not letting me down:
Apologies to those that tailed this 1, couldn't even get us a close game
Looks like you were right SF,

I expected a far better showing from ronto but boy was I wrong. Not even a competitive game

Toronto going to look back on game 1 as a huge lost opportunity it seems

Game 2 off a demoralizing loss is where champions are born. I believe Toronto has what it takes to get this done

  1. Raptors +6.5 -103 (5x) +245 (1x)

5 Unit Plays: 21-11

Quote Originally Posted by ByTheBay:

Well done LC!

Man how interesting the series could have been at 1-1 heading back to Portland with KD still out for games 3 and 4

Blazers blew one of the biggest opportunities of the season tonight

I know right!? Portland and Toronto both got outscored a cumulative 24-3 in the final 3 minutes of both games. Would have loved for either one of them to pull out the win, but neither could hold on. 

I have no doubt Toronto will be able to bounce back from such a demoralizing loss given all the veterans on the team who've been here before, but I question if Portland will be able to. 
Toronto was covering this game for 47:25 of a possible total 48 minutes yet didn't cover in the end. And Torrey decides to create a new username to complain about someone complaining in their own thread 

Toronto blew a golden opportunity to steal game 1. But I think they will still be okay, they are the better team in this series - and if they are a true champion they won't have a carryover effect for game 2. Let's see if they are mentally ready to go to the finals
This game could have been a series changer

And to top it off, they blow the cover with 0 points the final 3:30 despite being up 7 heading into the 4th

Quote Originally Posted by CantPickAWinner:

LC do you think the Bucks are an easier matchup for Toronto compared to the Sixers? 

I do yes. Milwaukee's strength is how deep they are, but the later rounds of the playoffs bench rotations get shortened and aren't called upon as much as they are in the regular season and round 1 of the playoffs. Besides GS, 76ers have the best starting 5 in the league which gave Toronto trouble. I do see this as an easier matchup
Updated Card with Added Plays:
  1. Raptors +1.5 series +100 (2x)
  2. Raptors -1.5 series +379 (1x)
  3. Raptors +6 -101 (3x) gm 1
  4. Raptors O 105.5 -110 (1x) gm 1
  5. Blazers +8 -110 (2.5x) +290 (0.5x) gm 2
LeagueCapper replied to Milwaukee to sweep +800
in NBA Betting
Milwaukee was +1.5 at Boston, yet they will be PK at Toronto? 

gl bud
Quote Originally Posted by DialedCaper7:

do you like the raptors to win straight up today? feels like if your confident enough to put 3k on them +6 you must think they could potentially win

I like Toronto today and Portland tomorrow yes
As mentioned I didn't like Portland in game 1, but it was more due to fatigue than the matchup. Blazers now off a loss with no travel and not off a game 7, I like them much more in game 2.
  1. Blazers +8 -110 (2.5x) +290 (0.5x) gm 2
Quote Originally Posted by lmb4321: worried about the Raptors being a bit flat after that Game 7 win??...

Portland was playing less than 48 hours from their game 7. Toronto has 2 days rest and the travel is half the distance than what it is from Denver to Portland. Completely different scenario
Quote Originally Posted by U812:


kanter is a big liability in this series if he can’t defend the screens and pick n roll.

He's always a big liability on defense that's why the Nursuk injury was so big

Quote Originally Posted by HashToker:

Hey LC, if you like the Raps +1.5 for the series why not take the Bucks to win in 7 games @ +300 instead since it would go 7 games to win the +1.5 games? You could also bet a little on Raps series price @ +240 and it would still pay more than the EV you got for the +1.5

I like the Raptors on the series, why would I bet the Bucks to win in 7? Toronto +1.5 games still wins if Raptors win the series 4-2.

Plus, I already have Raptors at +250 for the series
Quote Originally Posted by TRAIN69:

Blazers ML +280 interest you tonight?

I think the series will be very competitive, not sure about game 1 though. Just going to watch the start and wait for game 2 and go from there
LeagueCapper created a topic *** NBA Playoffs - Round 3 ***
in NBA Betting
  1. Raptors +1.5 series +100 (2x)
  2. Raptors +6 -101 (3x) gm 1
  3. Raptors O 105.5 -110 (1x) gm 1
NBA YTD: 151-137 ATS +27.07 Units
  1. Blazers to win the West +3500 (0.5x)
  2. Raptors to win the East +250 (3x)
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