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Rest of  plays done but on my phone will post rrsuts late 
OK i dont get this Gray of NYY -233 vs mets Matz

and the player who bombed NYY says he needs heel surgery

hmmmmmmmm not good losing that bat he said he dont know if can finish season

BUT i'm not laying 233 juice with gray i take a shot with dog

METS +213

cant do write ups rest of card just show plays

wow didnt know O's cobb was so bad

and now machado is gone

Baltimore’s best baseball bromance is taking a break. Manny Machado is gone, and Jonathan Schoop is reeling.

B jays -178


PHILLIES - 172 Padres lost 6 in a row and now Gas can Perdono ...........7.52 era

BRAVES + 127


Pirates +111

your best pitcher get lumped for i dunno how many runs and one man wrecking crew hammered you to death ...

how da fug you lose 18-5

Anyway i screwed up picking cubs the odds was huge red flag lower odds with ace starter LESTER 12-2 sows no losses  vs Cards who they beat handily.

The cards starter had ERA of 3.50  i'm figuring he gets wacked for 4 - 5 runs and wahats his face holds cards quiet for 2 runs

thats the key guys when you see lower odds on better starter off a breezy win go doggie

This was like the worst ever game for Lester

I guess he was over due for a loss but the red flag was lower odds than game before

So i'm taking cards again +108 

YES it's already set up by having it ready soon as PASAP was struck down along with 20 other states then total 32 this year will have it.

they oput forth the documenation or necessary legal stuff before SCOTUS made it happen.

here is link to game Martinez did not lose game hendricks did not win

they were tied 3-3  Cards BP lost game giving up 3 runs

Cardinals win this .......also hendricks last game was vs Padres 11-5 win for cubs

Hendricks has 6 wins and 8 losses Martinez is 6-5

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  i wanna bet on sports

comon PA ready to go i seen the rooms ready at Parx and Harras

dunno about sugar house thats closest to me only about 3 miles north

even here in covers contest a quick line cahnge caused me a loss at #15 was on dog +2.5  line dropped to 1.5 fav covered won by 2 points

i swear i had 2.5  was two bad teams long ago bears vs lions

OK we also will have mobile betting but when i bet it's night before games on sundays or way early sunday have to be because i start work at 11

That now your loving to be able to bet legally all money is guaranteed to be paid.

There is NO errors ever live betting you have a ticket Games over you win you get paid ..............

I dont know about credit cards used to sport bet probably will be accepeted.

I think it's dumb to get used credit cards and pay % or fees to get cash out.

anyway i keep reading people are shut down after winning huge cash not allowed to deposit any more top sports books too.

fuggggg em all i hope they all go belly up for fuggging over the american people.

5 dimes and tony can go suck rooster ..................

all of them every sports book will screw you over even the bitcoin monies. 

Bravo USA thank u all now i have no problems wagering here in PA ready to go NFL week 1

and you can open an account and bet online too

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i'm goona be so happy ..

be making viudeo when i'm there thursday games and MNF

job i have i work sunday
36 Wins 112  LOSSES and 40 lost the game s/u as a favorite

.756 % wins win $11,200.00 LOSE -3960 $7240.00 net profit

+9 W 13 L  = 45 WINS  125 losses .735% wins

LOSE 4500 WIN $12,500  = $8000.00 NET PROFIT

I think this is worse than what i have posted i have to go back as far as list shows and do team by team in order afc to nfc

Be better if i write in note book then transfer in here.

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Quote Originally Posted by omb1:

Just because something's never happened before doesn't mean it won't.  Such as OT in a Super Bowl.

OMB ot in superbowl and NO HOST city ever being there are two differnt things

IT never will happen due to team choking every year some out of gate went 1 -5

Sunday 10/08/17     @ Pittsburgh     W 30-9     Week 5     W 7.5     U 41
Sunday 10/01/17     @ N.Y. Jets     L 20-23 x     Week 4     L -4     O 38.5

Sunday 11/19/17     @ Cleveland     W 19-7     Week 11     W -7.5     U 37
Sunday 11/12/17     L.A. Chargers     W 20-17 x     Week 10     L -5     U 40.5

6W  5 L

Sunday 11/05/17     Baltimore     W 23-20     Week 9     L -4     O 41
Sunday 10/22/17     @ Cleveland     W 12-9 x     Week 7     L -5.5     U 42.5

6W 6L


Sunday 11/26/17     Buffalo     L 10-16     Week 12     L -8.5     U 47
Sunday 11/19/17     @ N.Y. Giants     L 9-12 x     Week 11     L -10     U 44.5

6W  7 L


Sunday 11/19/17     Buffalo     W 54-24     Week 11     W -7     O 41.5
Sunday 11/12/17     @ Jacksonville     L 17-20 x     Week 10     W 5     U 40.5

7W 7 L


Thursday 11/23/17     @ Washington     L 10-20     Week 12     L 7     U 44
Sunday 11/19/17     Kansas City     W 12-9 x     Week 11     W 10     U 44.5

7W  8 L

Sunday 10/22/17     Carolina     W 17-3     Week 7     W 2.5     U 39.5
Sunday 10/15/17     @ Baltimore     W 27-24 x     Week 6     W 5.5     O 39.5

8 W 8 L  I just noticed something omg another system many of these teams if they won ats  after the OT game the 3rd game no matter where played they lost ats and or s/u

Bears +7 @ NO lost 12 20 0-1


Thursday 09/28/17     Chicago     W 35-14     Week 4     W -7.5     O 44
Sunday 09/24/17     Cincinnati     W 27-24 x     Week 3     L -7     O 47.5

Sunday 12/17/17     @ Carolina     L 24-31     Week 15     L 3     O 46.5
Sunday 12/10/17     @ Cleveland     W 27-21 x     Week 14     W -2.5     O 38.5

9W -9L


Sunday 11/26/17     @ L.A. Rams     L 20-26     Week 12     L 2.5     U 54
Sunday 11/19/17     Washington     W 34-31 x     Week 11     L -9.5     O 52.5

9W 10 L


Sunday 12/10/17     Detroit     L 21-24     Week 14     L PK     U 47.5
Sunday 12/03/17     @ Green Bay     L 20-26 x     Week 13     L 3     O 45

9W 11 L


Sunday 10/08/17     @ Philadelphia     L 7-34     Week 5     L 6     U 45
Sunday 10/01/17     San Francisco     W 18-15 x     Week 4     L -6     U 43

9W 12 L


Sunday 10/08/17     @ Indianapolis     L 23-26     Week 5     L 1     O 43.5
Sunday 10/01/17     @ Arizona     L 15-18 x     Week 4     W 6     U 43

9W 13 L   negative -530 $

now i'm going back to see the 3rd game after teams won after their OT game

only 9 games i bet it's really bad

well well i find out you guys posted bad info on last years results

here they are

X = OT game

Sunday 12/17/17     Miami     W 24-16     Week 15     W -3.5     O 39.5
Sunday 12/10/17     Indianapolis     W 13-7 x     Week 14     W -3.5     U 36.5


Sunday 10/22/17     @ Minnesota     L 16-24     Week 7     L 5     O 37.5
Sunday 10/15/17     Chicago     L 24-27 x     Week 6     L -5.5     O 39.5 



Sunday 10/01/17     @ Cleveland     W 31-7     Week 4     W -3     U 41.5
Sunday 09/24/17     @ Green Bay     L 24-27 x     Week 3     W 7     O 47.5

it's the browns they cant play worth a lick and Cincy and other div teams will beat them every time

but we are 2 -1


Sunday 10/29/17     Minnesota     L 16-33     Week 8     L 11     O 38.5
Sunday 10/22/17     Tennessee     L 9-12 x     Week 7     W 5.5     U 42.5

Sunday 12/17/17     Baltimore     L 10-27     Week 15     L 6.5     U 42
Sunday 12/10/17     Green Bay     L 21-27 x     Week 14     L 2.5     O 38.5 lol vs that chit back up QB

2 W 3 losses

Sunday 10/01/17     @ Baltimore     W 26-9     Week 4     W -3.5     U 42 (this was unfair Balty had no bye after london game)
Sunday 09/24/17     @ Chicago     L 17-23 x     Week 3     L -7     U 43.5

3W 3L hey you aint winning nuttin yet your negative
Sunday 10/08/17     @ Pittsburgh     W 30-9     Week 5     W 7.5     U 41
Sunday 10/01/17     @ N.Y. Jets     L 20-23 x     Week 4     L -4     O 38.5

Sunday 09/24/17     Cleveland     W 31-28     Week 3     W 1     O 42
Sunday 09/17/17     Arizona     L 13-16 x     Week 2     W 7     U 44

Monday 10/16/17     @ Tennessee     L 22-36     Week 6     L 7     O 46
Sunday 10/08/17     San Francisco     W 26-23 x     Week 5     W -1     O 43.5

Thursday 12/14/17     Denver     L 13-25     Week 15     L 3     U 40.5
Sunday 12/10/17     @ Buffalo     L 7-13 x     Week 14     L 3.5     U 36.5

4 W  5 L

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how abut under 4.5 because this hc sucks team suxxxxxxxx agents dunno who to draft the whole org. is worse in nfl.

they will lose to every div tean be 0-6 s/u again

jets yes they should win that game
no nfl spread was ever - 40 points highesrt i saw was year pats went almost undefetaed last end of year they couldnt cover no body even the playoffs and superbowl - 12 points lost s/u

hey if no sports betting try crocehting lol

relax i'm not betting either just free picks in covers contest

soon we all will have legal sports bets in home state with outlets everywhere ...

NO waiting to get paid either cash after game if there or get cash tomorrow

Quote Originally Posted by sports_Network:

Hey! Buster Douglas, how you doin' bumpin' your own thread? It was ridiculous two years ago, and it's even more ludicrous many OT games can one conceive in a season? two? maybe three? all this for what? A trend that has no merit or value whatsoever? 

Take your medication, we have an 'enema' scheduled for you at 8:00 am tomorrow....

you may g fuggg yourself a hole

36 Wins 112  LOSSES and 40 lost the game s/u as a favorite

.756 % wins win $11,200.00 LOSE -3960 $7240.00 net profit

dont matter i cant wager on it in covers contest

so they goona use 6 or more pitchers as you say???

thats nuts

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no where is national league faored comon man use this sites odds even vegas shows al - 143
Sale of bo sox vx mad max

have to say safest bet in world is under 7.5 runs figure both staters go 7 or 8 inns

dunno what relivers are there no listings found

so i'm picking under 7.5 runs most i can see is 4 runs total

or maybe 6 4-2 game doubt we see 7 won 5 have dominated the all star game ... they stopped that homefiled in WS  for winner of this game back in 2016

IF any body knows who closers are plaese post here i cannot find it any where

doubt they use the gas cans ya know the hi 400 500 types

ah screw it going AL and unders $500 each
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