Where the action is: NFL Championship action report

Jan 19, 2013 |
NFL Championship Weekend is one of the craziest times for bookmakers both online and in Nevada. With two huge title games on tap Sunday, action has been pouring into the sportsbook, forcing oddsmakers to adjust and re-adjust their lines.

We talk to oddsmakers at online sportbook BetDSI.com about the latest lines move and betting patterns for the two conference championship games:

San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons – Open: +3.5, Move: +4.5, Move: +4

The early money moved this spread an entire point, with a ton of action coming in on the road team.

According to BetDSI.com, San Francisco bets are outnumbering Atlanta wagers at a 3-to-1 pace while action on the Niners is outnumbering that on the Falcons at 2-to-1. However, there is a split developing between public money and sharp money as Sunday draws closer.

“The public affection for the Niners and their second-year QB Colin Kaepernick has created massive public betting action,” says BetDSI.com. “Sharp money backing Atlanta at +4 and +4.5 is also focused on the second-year QB, albeit more in a negative sense knowing how hard it is for a young QB to hit the road and get playoff victories.”

As for the moneyline, the majority of wagers are taking the home underdog at +185. Atlanta opened as low as +160 on the moneyline last Sunday.

Total bettors are siding with the over, pushing the number from 47 to 49. Under money started to come in and has the majority of books dealing a total of 48.5.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots
– Open: -9.5, Move: -10.5, Move: -7.5

The Patriots have been public darlings all season but after opening as 9.5-point favorites and drawing some early action, books have taken one-sided money on the Ravens and have dropped the spread as low as 7.5.

“The public love affair with New England may be over this week with an even distribution of wagers and volume wagered for both teams,” says BetDSI.com.

Sharp money grabbed Baltimore at the discount spread when it jumped to double figures and have rode the Ravens all way down to +8 and +7.5. Buyback on New England at that spread has a sharp-versus-public dynamic forming for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

As for the total, bettors have sided with the over and recent sharp action has bumped the number from 51 to 51.5.

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