India considers legalizing sports betting

Jun 25, 2013 |
The biggest sport in the second most populous country on the planet is going through a pretty big betting scandal.

The prestigious and lucrative Indian Cricket League has been the target of some illegal match fixing. Star players, bookmakers, even owners have all been involved in the betting reports that have engulfed both the nation and fans of the league alike.

Wagering on sporting events, with the exception of horses, is outlawed in India. Illegal sports betting in India is worth some $52 billion, claims the betting industry association.

Evidently, the government has promised "crack downs" to combat the issue. But the general public and business leaders in the country believe the best way to move forward is to legalize sports betting.

While some say that legalizing sports betting damages the integrity of the game, some Indians see it as a way to create business opportunity and generate tax revenue.

Sounds all too familiar.

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