Can MLB bettors blame Anna Benson for her husband's losses?

Strippers may not always make the best ex-wives. That’s what MLB pitcher Kris Benson conceded when he married former pole dancer Anna Benson.

The soon-to-be former Mrs. Benson was arrested after storming into her husband’s home dressed like a member of The Expendables and threatening him with gun late Monday, reportedly demanding $30,000 and claiming that he was cheating on her and “can’t stop f**king my friends, in my house.” The couple is in the process of getting divorced.

Benson went a career 70-75 with an ERA of 4.42 in his nine seasons in the bigs and cost bettors -0.81 units in that span.

His most profitable season came in 2002, when he went 9-6 and earned +6.15 units for Pirates bettors. However, before missing the 2001 season with injury, he went just 10-12 and burned -7.55 units in 2000.

According to many, his marriage to the 5-foot-5, 34DD-24-34, brunette bombshell hindered his career.

Anna has always been in the spotlight since marrying the right-hander in 1999. She turned heads with her tails of having sex in the parking lot of Three Rivers Stadium and said she’d sleep with the entire New York Mets organization if her husband ever cheated on her while appearing on the Howard Stern Show.

Team insiders and local media pegged the FHM cover model as a distraction to both Kris and the organization and many blame her for his falling out in Pittsburgh and especially in New York.

When the Mets dealt Benson to Baltimore, sports reporter Murray Chass wrote, “Kris Benson doesn't have a good enough arm for the Mets to overlook his wife's mouth. ... And by trading Anna Benson, the Mets may have achieved what (former Yankees manager) Casey Stengel called "addition by subtraction."

Anna Benson starred in VH-1’s Baseball Wives, a show dedicated to some sports ladies who tend to lean on the side of "cray".

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Posted by Skipbone
3 years ago

No one said he was the first or only.

Posted by Laroja
3 years ago

great article not

Posted by timbaland99
3 years ago

She's still pretty hot

Posted by mylife23
3 years ago

ya that's it...kris benson is the only athlete to be involved/affected by a woman off the doesn't have to be a stripper to affect performance on the field...the only reason it's news is because she is a colorful character and was a stripper who loved being outspoken and getting the attention
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Posted by timbaland99
3 years ago

"She's still pretty hot "