Reno book first to post 2013 MLB season win totals

Pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training is Steve Mikkelson's cue. The sportsbook manager at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada is the first bookmaker to release MLB season win totals each year, and 2013 is no exception.

Mikkelson posted his MLB season win totals for the upcoming baseball season Wednesday morning, along with a number of season-long odds and player props. We asked him about the trickiest win totals to figure out as well as which teams moved the most from last year’s win totals.

Toughest totals to set

The American League East, more than any other division in baseball, gave Mikkelson the most fits when calculating this season’s MLB win totals. He has Toronto and New York with 86.5 wins and Tampa Bay with 86, leaving Boston at 79.5 and Baltimore at 76.5 bringing up the rear.

“The Yankees and Red Sox have long been the power in the division, but this year every team besides maybe the Orioles could win the division,” Mikkelson told “I think (Baltimore) over-performed last year and I have them coming back down to earth.”

Mikkelson also had trouble figuring out just how bad the Houston Astros are going to be this season. Houston, which finished dead last in the majors at 55-107 in the National League Central last season, makes the move to the competitive American League West in 2013.

Mikkelson set the Astros’ win total at 59.5 – the lowest win total he can remember ever tagging on a team – with the over priced at -120 compared to -110 on the under.

“I’m at 59.5 but I tell you, I would be on the under,” he says. “Going over to the AL West, I could see this team losing 110 games. I really don’t know where their wins are going to come from.”

Big moves

Washington Nationals – 80.5 in 2012, 90 in 2013

“I was expecting them to be good last year but not that good,” says Mikkelson. “I think the Nationals are the best team in baseball. They have enough depth and flexibility to sustain some key injuries and keep going.”

Miami Marlins – 89.5 in 2012, 64.5 in 2013

“After that fire sale and all those expectations, I couldn’t go too low on them but I feel it should be closer to 60 or 61 than 64.5,” he says. “Where are they going to get those wins?”

Other notables

Los Angeles Angels – 89.5 in 2013, 89.5 in 2012

“Last year, they were disappointing to everyone,” says Mikkelson. “I think the Angels are good but I’m not convinced L.A. is the best spot for Josh Hamilton to play, what with his history.”

Detroit Tigers – 94.5 in 2012, 90 in 2013

“The Tigers came out so flat to start last season and were pretty much that way until September,” he says. “As much as you think they can pick it up, it took a while for them to get going.”

Here's the first look at the 2013 MLB regular season win totals:

Arizona Diamondbacks - 81.5 (over -120/under -110)
Atlanta Braves - 86 (over -115/under -115)
Baltimore Orioles - 76.5 (over -115/under -115)
Boston Red Sox - 79.5 (over -120/under -110)
Chicago Cubs - 72 (over -115/under -115)
Chicago White Sox - 80.5 (over -115/under -115)
Cincinnati Reds - 88.5 (over -115/under -115)
Cleveland Indians - 77.5 (over -120/under -110)
Colorado Rockies - 71.5 (over -115/under -115)
Detroit Tigers - 90 (over -115/under -115)
Houston Astros  - 59.5 (over -120/under -110)
Kansas City Royals - 79 (over 115/under -115)
Los Angeles Angels - 89.5 (over -120/under -110)
Los Angeles Dodgers - 90 (over -115/under -115)
Miami Marlins - 64.5 (over -110/under -120)
Milwaukee Brewers - 79.5 (over -115/under -115)
Minnesota Twins - 64.5 (over -115/under -115)
New York Mets - 74 (over -110/under -120)
New York Yankees -  86.5 (over -115/under -115)
Oakland Athletics - 83 (over -110/under -120)
Philadelphia Phillies - 81.5 (over -115/under -115)
Pittsburgh Pirates  - 79 (over -115/under -115)
San Diego Padres - 74.5 (over -115/under -115)
San Francisco Giants - 86 (over -115/under -115)
Seattle Mariners - 76.5 (over -115/under -115)
St. Louis Cardinals - 85.5 (over -115/under -115)
Tampa Bay Rays - 86 (over -115/under -115)
Texas Rangers - 87 (over -115/under -115)
Toronto Blue Jays - 86.5 (over -115/under -115)
Washington Nationals - 90 (over -115/under -115)

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Posted by go_opp
4 years ago

This is a great article covers. Can we PLEASE get a follow up to see the odd moves reflected by sharps? If the juice moves even on just a few teams that could tell us what type of season it will be for those teams and we could bet or fade a team all year. With proper money management it could make a tidy profit by season's end. Thanks in advance!

Posted by T99
4 years ago

Jays might not gel that fast----dangerous IF they make the playoffs.

Posted by Getty3
4 years ago

The fact that the Blow Jays are a half game stronger than the TB Rays is just comical. Tampa over 86 wins is a terrific futures bet in a year that they'll own the AL East.

Posted by tomnolan
4 years ago

phillies over bank it!!

Posted by stats1
4 years ago

will play balt.,bos,t.b.,nyy, tor. all under this division is going 2 b TOUGHHHH biggest play will b sea. over... sleeper team this year adding morse and moryales will b HUGE!!!

Posted by bomber0104
4 years ago

Jays, Tigers, Nationals all over

Posted by bomber0104
4 years ago

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Top Response

Posted by bomber0104
4 years ago

"Jays, Tigers, Nationals all over"