Kaepernick, Flacco top Super Bowl MVP odds

It’s no surprise that the two starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl XLVII are favored to take home MVP honors on Feb. 3

A quarterback has been named MVP of the big game in three straight and five of the last six Super Bowls.

Here’s a look at some of the Super Bowl MVP odds being offered at Bet365:

Colin Kaepernick +140
Joe Flacco +300
Frank Gore +500
Ray Lewis +700
Ray Rice +800
Michael Crabtree +1400
Anquan Boldin +2000
Vernon Davis +2800

Picks with great value:

Torrey Smith +4000
Dennis Pitta +10000
LaMichael James +12500

Check out the full list at Bet365.

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Posted by tmurda666
4 years ago

ill throw a flyer on torrey smith...

Posted by MTFN50
4 years ago

You can make a case for a few diffrent players ,(Surprisingly Ed Reed as been a non factor last 2 games) But the NFL will do everthing in there power to give Ray Lewis the honors The way the NFL and the media l thrive on his over the top religious beliefs,and behavor,Like hes the only godfearring man alive they would love to keep that story going. Love the Ravens to complete the Mission 31-24

Posted by Ice4Blood
4 years ago

Torrey Smith or Anquan Boldin will win MVP if the Ravens win this game... they cannot win without huge games from those 2, as has been seen in the playoffs... they are the keys to the Ravens possibilities... CK will be MVP if SF wins... nobody else has any value at all...

Posted by Candeeman
4 years ago

Ray Lewis will win because no weapon against him shall prosper.

Posted by misterwonderful
4 years ago

Well he used a weapon against somebody ,,,,,how soon people forget....he is a murderer!!!( or at the least, covered one up for a friend). Then he spouts all of this god stuff...really...does god love the ravens more than the 49ers?? I don;t think so. 49ers win this game by 10pts. or more.

Posted by Captfyre98
4 years ago

How bout Ed Reed? That guy is a true ball hawk and if theres a big play to be made, he's somehow involved. That will be my pick at hopefully long odds
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