NBA Power Rankings: Week 7

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

Even after beating the Heat in Indiana on Tuesday, the Pacers fall just short of the top spot, while the rest of the Top 5 held serve as their only a few small changes in this week's rankings. Find out where your favorite team sits in the Week 7 Power Rankings.

NBA Power Rankings

Week 7 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 same 14-4
-14.5 Miami
While they were 3.5-point underdogs (on the road) and lost to Indiana Tuesday night, it's going to take more than that for the Heat to give up the top spot.
2 3 up 1 16-2
-14.3 Indiana
The Pacers don't get the top spot even after beating Miami, but they are now very close thanks to also blowing out San Antonio and owning the league's best WL record.
3 2 down 1 15-3
-13.5 San Antonio
Still own the league's best point differential (+9.0), but as mentioned above, a double-digit loss (at home) to Indiana drops the Spurs a spot.
4 4 same 13-3
-13 Oklahoma City
Quietly, the Thunder have won 11 of 12 heading into Wednesday. Kevin Durant has had back to back games of 30-10-5.
5 5 same 15-3
-12.5 Portland
I'm still not sold that this team is entirely "for real." If they are still near or at the top of the loaded Western Conference by the New Year, I'll change my tune.
6 6 same 12-6
-12 L.A. Clippers
Doc Rivers publically called out his team for "pouting." Yet despite injuries, the Clippers still have a comfortable lead in the Pacific Division
7 8 up 1 13-6
-10.5 Houston
Thursday presents a revenge spot in Portland in a matchup of the league's two highest scoring teams. The Blazers handed the Rockets their worst loss of the year last month.
8 7 down 1 11-8
-10 Golden State
Some road woes have dropped the Warriors are few spots. But fear not; seven of the team's next nine games are at home.
9 9 same 11-6
-8.8 Denver
This is a very hard team to figure out. They are obviously not as good as last year, but still contending. Are the Nuggets about to become "Atlanta West?"
10 10 same 9-10
-8 Minnesota
I keep saying it. Nevermind the losing record. The T'wolves point differential signifies they will be a playoff team. They just got done playing OKC and Miami in back to back games.
11 11 same 11-8
-7.5 Dallas
After starting the year 2-6 SU on the road, things started to pick up. Then the Mavs lost by double digits to a short-handed Sacramento team!
12 12 same 9-8
-7.25 New Orleans
Being in the West is hard enough on the Pelicans. Now without both Anthony Davis and Tyreke Evans, I don't know how they make up ground.
13 14 up 1 9-8
-7 Memphis
If you're keeping track, this is the 11th straight Western Conference team on the list. The defense hasn't been as good this year, that's why the Grizzlies haven't been as good.
14 13 down 1 7-9
-6.5 Chicago
Finally, we get back to the East and it's with a team minus its best player for the year. Even worse, the Bulls just lost to Milwaukee and were without FOUR Opening Night starters.
15 16 up 1 9-10
-6 Atlanta
If you don't think that apathy reigns in perpetuity in Atlanta, then take note only 12,000 people turned out for Tuesday's home game with Oklahoma City.
16 15 down 1 9-9
-5.5 Washington
The Wiz were on the wrong end of one of the worst games you'll see all season, a 76-74 loss to Denver Monday where they blew FOUR chances at a game winning shot.
17 18 up 1 9-9
-5.3 Phoenix
A win over the Lakers Tuesday gives the Suns their first three-game win streak of the season. And they have Sacramento coming in next.
18 17 down 1 6-11
-5 Toronto
Even though the Raptors just traded Rudy Gay, a clear sign they are starting a tear down, they are my top rated team in the Atlantic!
19 19 same 9-9
-4.8 L.A. Lakers
Since Kobe Bryant returned, the team has lost to both Toronto and Phoenix - at home. So much for that helping out. This is not a playoff team with or without Bryant.
20 20 same 8-10
-4.5 Detroit
Considering the way the Pistons were manhandled by Minnesota at home Tuesday night, they can be no higher.
21 21 same 8-11
-3.5 Charlotte
Wednesday will mark the fifth time the Bobcats have been favored in a game in the last month. They were favored only six times ALL of last season.
22 22 same 8-12
-3 Boston
This team was supposed to be tanking this year, but Brad Stevens is doing an excellent job here and has the Celtics in first place - albeit at 10-13 SU.
23 25 up 2 5-12
-2.8 Cleveland
Stringing together a couple of wins is all you need to move up a couple spots down here in the rankings and that's what the Cavs have done.
24 24 same 3-13
-2.7 New York
By the time you get around to reading this, Mike Woodson may have been fired, as the Knicks have completely disintegrated.
25 23 down 2 4-12
-2.6 Sacramento
Did you know that the Kings actually have a better YTD point differential than both the Lakers and Grizzlies? I didn't either until I looked it up!
26 26 same 5-13
-2.5 Brooklyn
For the 1st time all year, the Nets have won consecutive games. My only question is that without Lawrence Frank around, does Jason Kidd even know this?
27 27 same 6-12
-1 Orlando
The Magic have dropped six in a row while being outscored by an average of 15 points per game.
28 28 same 7-12
-0.5 Philadelphia
Remember that "nice" 4-4 SU start? The Sixers have since dropped 11 of 13 and have failed to cover their last seven games (entering Wednesday)
29 29 same 4-15
0 Utah
There are a lot of bad road teams right now, but the Jazz are 1-10 SU away from Salt Lake and being outscored by 14 points per game.
30 30 same 3-14
1 Milwaukee
All five of the Bucks victories this season have come by seven points or less.
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