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I'm 49.  I've lived in Southern New Jersey, Memphis Tennesee, New Hampshire, Colorado (Aspen/Snowmass), California (Encinitas), Alaska, and now my wife and I picked Vegas to pay cash for a house to buy and move to.  We've been here four months.  It is beautiful, people have no idea of what is going on here, it is only super hot 3 months out of the year, it is far from a dustbowl, beautiful sunsets, clean air.  And we live in North las Vegas, the alleged 'ghetto' (ya, there are some bad parts, but not all).  Roads are in great shape.  Nice parks.   Now to Sports betting...never intended on getting into it, paid for three picks which all won, now in four weeks using my head and research and the internet and what I've learned about the NFL after watching for years, I've picked 8 wins, 1 loss, 1 push and we turned $140.00 dollars into $3200.00.  Not huge, but a nice start.  We will continue cautiously.  I know two pro bettors out here, and everybody knows the score-you need to utilize discipline and money management, and don't spread it out too much....for NFL, look at trends, quarterbacking, turnover ratios, motivation, weather, injuries......and don't discard expert opinion, bleacherreport is good.  It's been fun and a good source of extra cash while I'm looking for work.  But don't consider it a long term fulfillment thing...as there is zero contribution to society, keep your perspective, and btw, if you start out losing, stop right away, don't chase losses or you could end up a gambling addict/loser.

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