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Scored 1 run in 11 innings, really?? View
Uh playoffs so defense, box out less offensive rebounds? View
Sixes lights out from 3 View
Wow View
Worst NBA game I've ever seen and I'm not joking View
Cavs bench is soo bad View
Ok on -3.5. They better cover or else View
Yeah Jordan Hill is terrible, why is the game stopped at 4:40 in 2nd? Its been awhile, im just seeing the play by play View
Don't do ML parlays is my suggestion View
It's the Nets so to he'll with it, clippers -6.5 View
$1650 to win $1500 Vikings +10.5 View
Arizona has no pass rush which is what you need to have Bridgewater play as bad as he did last week. Vikings going to be running that clock. View
Running game +defense = cover 10.5 View
Cavs don't match up well and they suck. Will be a game you won't expect and Dubs will miss a lot of open 3s. View
Can't believe I didn't parlay some withings the over, wasn't thinking straight today. Knew they would score a lot against that Pacers D. View
Let's Gooo!!! View
They got no defense. Good eastern conference team but against the Dubs LOL View
Dubs $1100 to win $1000

Pacers D is awful, PG can only score so many points, they are in close games with eastern conference teams they gonna get smashed.
Got Boys ML View
4 players probably won't play, all their bigs. View
Did you notice it took Denver 30 seconds to get to the 5 yard line? Running the ball wouldn't have changed anything unless they got a first down runnimg 3 times which is unlikely against Denver. View
Matt Ryan soops terrible, stopped betting on himy years ago View
How you get so many + money lines? View
Haters gonna hate. Don't follow Boomer's picks lol. View
 The have beat a lot of weak ass teams, the Seahwaks are an average team at best, they should be below 500 and lost to the Lions. The first good team they played was Denver. 

Panthers ML $1000 to win $1350
Packers got no recievers and their defense can get no pass rush. Panthers going to have the ball most of the game and will be eating the clock.. View
Thanks Kobe!  View
Cavs without  Kyrie is LOL.  Bench is very LOL. 

 Bulls -4 $770 to win $700
Great off season, Jordan and Griffin don't work in the playoffs together. View
Cardinals don't get sacks. Baltimore has good run defense. Too many points for Carson suckass  Palmer. I know  Flaccid sucks too but with little pressure he can cover.

Trying to hold out for 10.5 

But $3300 to win $3000 Ravens +10
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