Hottest NFL handicappers share secrets behind their playoff success

Jan 17, 2014 |
Hottest NFL handicappers share secrets behind their playoff success
Perhaps the only thing hotter than the NFL cheerleaders are these two Experts.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
Perhaps the only thing hotter than the NFL cheerleaders are these two Experts.
Photo By - USA Today Sports
Need a little help handicapping this Sunday’s NFL championship games?

Covers Experts Will Rodgers – who brings a 12-1 NFL run into the weekend – and Jesse Schule – who is 12-3 in the NFL Playoffs so far – share the secrets behind their incredible NFL hot streaks and give you their opinions on handicapping postseason football.

What would you say is your key handicapping practice during this current NFL hot streak?

Rogers:  I'd say searching for value and being willing to go a bit more "exotic" in my wagers. If you've noticed, within my 12-1 playoff record are four halftime plays - I'm four for four - and a winning teaser bet. Sometimes to get on a streak like this, you have to think about more than just sides and totals for the game.

Schule: I don't think I change my approach in the postseason. I've consistently delivered profits with my football picks every year throughout my career, and as they say: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

How does handicapping NFL postseason games differ from capping the regular season?

Schule: Often weather plays a big role in handicapping games in the NFL playoffs, and we've seen a trend of low-scoring games so far, as teams lean on their running game in windy and cold conditions.

Rogers: There's obviously no "letdown factor" in the playoffs like there is in the regular season. You're often dealing with rematches as well, something that is only the case obviously with division foes in the regular season.

How does this streak measure up to past NFL runs?

Schule: I had a very profitable NFL season last year, capped off with a 6-1 card on Super Bowl Sunday with winners on Baltimore on the moneyline, as well as a perfect sweep with my three player prop bets. It's pretty tough to top that, but I'm hitting 80 percent in the playoffs so far, and if I was able to finish strong it could be my best postseason ever.

Rogers: As far as playoffs go, yes, I'd say that 12-1 with a 6-0 record in the Divisional Round is my best run ever.

What teams have given you the most trouble during the postseason?

Rogers: Well, with just the one loss, there isn't much to choose from, but I'd go with the Colts. My one loss was taking the Under in their game with Kansas City. That game left me so perplexed that I just laid off the Colts-Patriots game entirely.

Two of my three losses came on the total in the Colts versus Patriots game. My reasoning for playing the Under and taking the Patriots teased with the Under was that I felt New England would lean heavily on its running game. That turned out to be exactly what happened, but I didn't plan on them scoring six rushing touchdowns.

Any advice for bettors heading into this weekend's Championship Sunday?

Rogers: Remember that in the case of both championship games, both sides are familiar with one another. Also, for the first time in a long time, we actually have the four best teams left.

Schule: Whichever team you are betting on, make sure you get the best line available. Last week, the Seahawks won by eight as an 8-point favorite. The week before, the Chiefs lost by a single point as a 1-point dog. For many, the difference between winning and losing in those games was which line you bought in at.

Check out Will Rogers and Jesse Schule's home pages, as well as all our Covers Experts, heading into this Sunday's NFL action.

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