Pointspreads for possible NCAA championship matchups

Right about now Final Four coaches are telling their teams not to look ahead to the championship game. Fortunately, we aren't handcuffed with such limitations.

William Hill U.S.sent out the spreads for all four possible matchups for the NCAA basketball championship game. Here they are:

Louisville -5 vs. Michigan
Louisville -4.5 vs. Syracuse
Michigan -5 vs. Wichita State
Syracuse -4.5 vs. Wichita State

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3 years ago

Louisville wins it all

Posted by 666LES
3 years ago

Louisville was -2.5 @ home vs Orange without Southerland. Now Orange have Southerland and Louisville is without Ware and playing in neutral court dome..

Posted by redmenrule
3 years ago

More recently, Louisville was -5 in the Garden(which is a home edge for Cuse) for the Big East Final when the Orange had Southerland. Therefore, since Louisville dominated in that game I believe the spread would be slightly more than 4 1/2. It certainly should not be less than 4 1/2.
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