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Odds to win 2018-2019 NCAA March Madness
Duke Blue Devils Odds Duke +448
Kentucky Wildcats Odds Kentucky +800
Kansas Jayhawks Odds Kansas +900
Gonzaga Bulldogs Odds Gonzaga +900
Villanova Wildcats Odds Villanova +1400
Nevada Wolf Pack Odds Nevada +1500
Virginia Cavaliers Odds Virginia +2100
Michigan St Spartans Odds Michigan St +2600
Oregon Ducks Odds Oregon +3100
Tennessee Volunteers Odds Tennessee +3100
Michigan Wolverines Odds Michigan +3600
Auburn Tigers Odds Auburn +4100
West Virginia Mountaineers Odds West Virginia +4100
UCLA Bruins Odds UCLA +4100
Indiana Hoosiers Odds Indiana +5200
Florida Gators Odds Florida +5200
Purdue Boilermakers Odds Purdue +5200
Wichita St. Shockers Odds Wichita St. +5200
Syracuse Orange Odds Syracuse +5200
Virginia Tech Hokies Odds Virginia Tech +6200
Texas Tech Red Raiders Odds Texas Tech +6200
Texas Longhorns Odds Texas +6200
Clemson Tigers Odds Clemson +6300
Cincinnati Bearcats Odds Cincinnati +7200
Ohio St Buckeyes Odds Ohio St. +7200
Louisiana State Tigers Odds Louisiana State +8100
Arizona State Sun Devils Odds Arizona State +8300
Florida State Seminoles Odds Florida State +8300
Texas A&M Aggies Odds Texas A&M +8300
St. John's Red Storm Odds St. John's +8300
Kansas State Wildcats Odds Kansas State +8300
Marquette Golden Eagles Odds Marquette +8300
Miami-Florida Hurricanes Odds Miami-Florida +8700
NC State Wolfpack Odds NC State +9300
Mississippi State Bulldogs Odds Mississippi State +10100
Wisconsin Badgers Odds Wisconsin +10100
Maryland Terrapins Odds Maryland +10200
Vanderbilt Commodores Odds Vanderbilt +10300
Louisville Cardinals Odds Louisville +10300
Penn St. Nittany Lions Odds Penn St. +10300
Baylor Bears Odds Baylor +10300
Xavier Musketeers Odds Xavier +10300
Butler Bulldogs Odds Butler +10300
Texas Christian Horned Frogs Odds Texas Christian +10300
Arizona Wildcats Odds Arizona +10300
Alabama Crimson Tide Odds Alabama +10300
Arkansas Razorbacks Odds Arkansas +10300
Loyola-Chicago Ramblers Odds Loyola-Chicago +15500
Nebraska Cornhuskers Odds Nebraska +15500
Connecticut Huskies Odds Connecticut +15500
Iowa Hawkeyes Odds Iowa +15500
Seton Hall Pirates Odds Seton Hall +20400
Iowa State Cyclones Odds Iowa State +20400
Washington Huskies Odds Washington +20400

How To Bet on Basketball Odds


The pointspread (commonly known as the "spread") is the most common bet when betting on NBA odds or College Basketball odds. The spread assigns a betting line that a team is either favored to win by or expected to lose by. Negative betting lines such as -7.5 indicate that the team is the favorite and expected to win by 7.5 points. Positive betting lines such as +7.5 indicate that the team is an underdog and expected to lose by 7.5 points.

In the case above, the favorite (-7.5) must win by at least eight points to cover the spread. The underdog can lose by seven points or less and still cover the spread. If the spread was an even number such as eight (-8 and +8), the favorite winning by eight points or the underdog losing by eight points would be graded a push and all bets would be refunded.

Total or Over/Under

A total, also known as the Over/Under, is the expected combined score of both teams in a single game. Bettors must decide if the total number of points scored in the game by both teams will be higher or lower than the total set. Note: overtime is included in a total.

So when you see a total of 198.5 points, you are hoping for 199 or more points if you bet the Over and you are hoping for 198 or less points if you bet the Under. If the total was an even number such as 198 and the final score (including any overtime) lands on 198, it would be graded a push and all bets would be refunded.


This form of betting replaces a pointspread and you are simply betting on a team to win straight up, not by any specified amount. Commonly used in baseball and hockey, basketball moneylines are an attractive bet when betting the underdog due to their big payouts in comparison with spread betting and/or betting moneyline favorites.

Negative odd values (-160 for example) are assigned to the favorite, while positive odd values (+180 for example) are usually assigned to the underdog. In this example, if you want to bet the favorite you will have to wager $1.60 for every dollar you want to win. However, if you want to bet the underdog you will win $1.80 for every dollar you wager. If you bet $100 on a -160 favorite and won, you would profit $62.50. If you bet $100 on the +180 favorite, you would profit $180.

First Half and Second Half - Spread and Total

The same style betting as described in the pointspread and total or Over/Under sections, however, you are betting on the first half or second half results only, not the full game. Note: second half bets include overtime.


Do you know who will win the upcoming NBA Finals or March Madness tournament? With the availability of futures, you can make this bet at any time prior or during the season. Depending on the sportsbook itself, there can be many different futures offerings available to wagering. Unfortunately, WNBA futures are rarely available due to low market popularity.

Futures can be moneyline or total bets and are generally accompanied by positive odds because long term outcomes are difficult to predict and there are so many different possibilities. Odds are constantly updated as the season prolongs based on the oddsmakers prediction that a team has to win. Many factors come into play such as injuries, roster updates, remaining schedule, probability to make it into the Playoffs and/or amount of games behind the leading teams.

Tips and Tools

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