Gambling Glossary

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Accountant What some call their bookmaker
Across the Board Wagering on a horse to win place & show.
Action A bet .
Agent A person that places customers into a book for a commission.
Alpo The underdog
Back Door Cover When a team usually out of the game scores meaningless points to cover the spread.
Bad Beat A game you thought you had won and then lose.
Beard A person who makes plays for someone else; a runner.
Beef A claim or dispute with your bookie over the outcome of a bet.
BM Bookmaker
Book/Bookie Short for bookmaker or a person who takes bets.
Bow-wow An underdog.
BR Your bankroll
Chalk The favorite.
Chalkeater A person who plays only favorites.
Circle/Circle Game A game where the betting limits are lowered, usually due to injuries and/or weather.
Clone Joint A sportsbook that moves its lines to conform with everyone else
Cover Win the game by more points then you laid or lose by less points then you had taken, a pointspread win.
Degenerate A compulsive gambler.
Dime In betting terms, $1000
Dog The underdog
Dollar In betting terms, $100
Earn Percentage hold.
Even Money A wager on which a side lays no juice or vigorish.
Exotic Any wager other than a straight bet or parlay; a proposition or "prop".
Exposure The maximum amount of money a sports book stands to lose on a game.
Figure What you won or lost last week or the amount in you account; or, an amount owed to or by a bookmaker.
Form A tabloid used for horse racing data.
Futures Bets made on one day that don't take place on that day, but take place on a later day.
Getting down Placing a bet.
Handicapper A person who studies factors such as statistics, injuries, weather and news to predict the outcome of games.
Handle Total amount of money wagered.
Hedge To reduce amount of action by wagering on the opposite side of a previous bet.
Hook The half point in point spreads. As in 6.5, 6 and a hook.
Juice Amount of the commission kept by the house, also called vig or vigorish
Laying a price Playing a favorite.
Layoff Money bet by a house, with another bookmaker, to reduce it's liability.
Limit Maximum amount of money accepted for one wager.
Lines The odds on a game (also refered to as price).
Lock Used to describe an easy winner or a can't lose game.
M.L.B. Major League Baseball
Martini A legal pain killer for losing days
Matador A cover that occurs in the last moments of the game (also refered to as a "back-door-cover).
Middle Betting both sides of a game at different prices with the hope of winning both wagers: example - if a bettor played Chicago (minus 4) and Los Angeles (plus 6), and Chicago won, 100 - 95, the bettor would win both bets, or "catch the middle").
Middler A player that bets both sides of the game.
Mush A bettor who is bad luck.
N.B.A. National Basketball Association
N.C.A.A. National College Athletic Association
N.F.L. National Football League
N.H.L. National Hockey League
Newbie A person who is new to gambling or to forums. A rookie.
Nickel In betting terms, $500
Off The Board A game on which bookmakers are not accepting wagers (generally because of injuries).
Overlay A situation in which the odds on a game favor the bettor, rather than the house.
Parlay A one bet ticket written with at least two wagers (ALL bets must win for the ticket to cash) Example- Yankees to win, Raiders to win. Both teams MUST win for the bettor to win the wager. If either loses, the ticket loses.
Past Post A bet made after the start of a game or horse race.
Pick/Pick'em A game where neither team is favored, an even game.
Pointspread The amount of points or goals that the favorite gives the underdog for betting purposes.
Price The odds, or line, on a game.
Pup tenter A company who sets up shop for a season, then disappears with bettor's deposits.
Puppy The underdog.
Push A tie.
Round robin A single ticket which is comprised of more than one parlay.
Rundown A list of odds on a particular day's game.
Runner One who places bets for another; a beard.
Scalper A player that lays a low number and takes a higher number...usually plays at no risk.
Scamdicapper A tout that gives outlandish promises about win percentages and expectations.
Score A big win.
Sharp A sophisticated or professional sports bettor.
Spread Short for pointspread.
Square A novice sports bettor; rookie.
Steam When a large amount of money starts to come in on one side of a game and the line moves rapidly.
Straight bet One wager (as opposed to a parlay).
Sucker bet Parlays, teasers or exotics (anything bookmakers use to entice squares to bet more).
Taking a price Betting on an underdog.
Tapped out Broke from gambling.
Teaser A type of bet where you get to adjust the point spread in your favor.
The short The underdog
Total Number put up by a bookmaker on a game where a player bets either over or under the # of runs, points or goals scored in that game.
Tout (service) A person (or company) that either sells or gives away selections on games.
Tweeners A book that has all it's numbers in the middle of all other books.
Underlay A situation in which the odds on a game favor the house, rather than the bettor.
Uniforms Referees, officials
Value An overlay.
Vig/Vigorish An amount of commission kept by the house, also called juice.
Wager A bet.
Wise Guy A smart bettor, one that plays the "steam" before it becomes "steam"; a professional sports bettor.
Zebras Referees
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