Tips from the pros on how to win Ultimate Race contest

Apr 21, 2013 |
The best free contest in all of sports betting begins April 22, the Ultimate Race.

The rules are simple: the first person to get to 100 wins crosses the finish line and wins $2,500 in cash! But the first 50 to cross the line will also win prizes. (Complete rules and prize list found here.)

But what kind of betting strategy will you employ? If you're sitting on the fence, or have no clue how to handicap in bulk, here's a few tips from the Covers Experts to get you started:

Art Aronson

"My advice would be to stick to what you're good at. If you are a high-volume player by nature, then don't suddenly change tactics and start picking and choosing what you believe to be your absolute strongest one or two picks. Don't rock the boat. Stay true to yourself and no matter what, don't start second- guessing."

Ben Burns

"It's important to remember that contests aren't the same as real bets. Every contest has its own unique rules and its important to base one's strategy on those rules.

"In this particular contest, unlike "the real world," contestants aren't penalized for losing picks. Therefore, its pretty clear that one should play the maximum number of picks (four) every possible day, to give the best chance of reaching 100 first.

"Also, as we aren't being penalized for "losing juice," contestants should remember that moneyline bets at -135 to -145 theoretically hit a higher rate than pointspread bets at -110."

Teddy Covers

"Play favorites! Anytime you can lay anything less than -150 in a contest that rewards quantity, it makes sense to play as many favorites as you can while eschewing underdogs completely."

Steve Merril

"Whenever you have an edge on a game and there is value, you should play it. This might mean one-two plays per day or four-five plays per day. If you are trying to high a high win percentage, then you are better off playing less games. But when trying to win more net games for the contest, or net units on a daily basis as a sports bettor, you are better off playing more games (whenever you have an edge and see value) and not worrying as much about the win percentage because net wins is more important and will win you more money."


FIRST PRIZE $2,500.00
SECOND PRIZE $1,000.00
6TH TO 10TH $100.00
11TH TO 20TH Covers Hoodie
21ST TO 30TH Covers Hat
31ST TO 50TH Covers Coffee Mug
WEEKLY DRAW Covers Prize Pack (Hoodie, Hat and Mug)

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