Covers' best Super Bowl XLVII handicapping stories

Jan 27, 2013 |
Here's a look at our best Super Bowl XLVII handicapping stories to date:

NFL odds: Super Bowl XLVII opening line report

We chat with Pete Korner, founder and owner of Nevada-based oddsmaking service The Sports Club, about his suggested spread for Super Bowl XLVII.

Will Super Bowl XLVII see the most action ever?
Las Vegas oddsmakers are optimistic this year's Super Bowl on Feb. 3 in New Orleans could surpass the all-time record for most action, set at $94.5 million for the 2006 game.

Where the action is: Early Super Bowl XLVII line moves
We talk with Jeff Stoneback, sportsbook manager at the MGM Mirage in Las Vegas, and Aron Black of online sportsbook about the early action coming in and where the odds could end up come February 3.'s Super Bowl XLVII Prop Pick of the Day
The lead-up to the Super Bowl can be the longest two weeks of a sports bettor’s life. Thankfully, some of Covers Experts sharpest minds are willing to hold you over with a Super Bowl prop pick for each day heading into the Big Game on February 3.

Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh has little impact on Super Bowl betting
While the “Harbaugh Bowl” is unique and fun, it has little bearing on how Feb. 3’s Big Game will play out, according to both Las Vegas oddsmakers and professional sports bettors.

Books not concerned with possible Super Bowl middle
Football bettors aren’t the only ones gambling on the upcoming Super Bowl. Sportsbooks are also taking a chance, hoping to avoid the dreaded middle during the biggest betting day of the year.

Reno's Super Bowl odds reflect California's closeness
If you’re a Baltimore Ravens booster looking for some extra line value on the Super Bowl spread or a San Francisco 49ers fan wanting to be in the company of fellow Red and Gold fanatics, Reno may be the place for you.

Where the action is: Super Bowl mid-week line moves
The common trend, no matter if you’re betting Super Bowl XLVII in Las Vegas or online, is that the public loves the Baltimore Ravens. So much so, that sportsbooks have dropped the underdog from as high as +5 to +3.5 heading into the weekend before the Super Bowl.

How to bet Super Bowl props like a pro
Sportsbooks offer literally hundreds of prop bets, some dealing with the game itself, some having to do with commercials, the broadcast, the coin flip, the halftime show, the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach… well you get the point. Here are five tips on how to bet Super Bowl props.

NFL Prop Shop: Off-the-wall Super Bowl props picks
With plenty of downtime before the big game kicks off on February 3, let's have a little fun with four off-the-wall, non-game related props currently being offered.

NFL Super Bowl XLVII betting trends and notes
Covers Expert Marc Lawrence takes a look at how Baltimore and San Francisco arrived to New Orleans and what history says about their chances of hoisting the trophy.

Super Bowl XLVII action report: Some books move to 3-point spread
We talk with Jay Kornegay, sportsbook director at the LVH Superbook in Las Vegas, Aron Black of, and oddsmakers at online book about the Super Bowl odds as the week-long countdown begins in New Orleans.

Wiseguy Report: Sharp money on Super Bowl props

For professional bettors, wagering on the Super Bowl is not about side, total or moneyline bets – it’s about the props! Teddy Covers has the scoop on all the action from Las Vegas.

Young QBs struggle in Super Bowl debuts

Colin Kaepernick will become the sixth-youngest quarterback to ever play in the Super Bowl Sunday in New Orleans. So how did other young gunslingers fare in their debuts?

Super Bowl Cheerleader Battle: Ravens or 49ers?
Don't know who to wager on in Super Bowl XLVII? So many of life's decision are based on pretty girls, why not your Big Game bet? Tell us which team - Ravens or 49ers - has the hottest cheerleaders.

Handicapping Super Bowl sports crossover props
There’s an endless amount of Super Bowl props for bettors to choose from this week, but perhaps the most value can be found in crossover props.

Baltimore Ravens blogger Justin Silberman of Russell Street Report and San Francisco 49ers blogger David Fucillo of Niners Nation go head-to-head, giving three reasons why their teams cover the spread in New Orleans Sunday.

Did Ray Lewis use banned substance to return to Ravens?

There could be a dark cloud hanging over Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis and his swan song at Super Bowl XLVII.

Where the action is: Sharp money shrinks Super Bowl total

We talk to Aron Black of online book and veteran oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro of William Hill Sportsbooks in Nevada about the adjustments to the Super Bowl total.

Super Bowl XLVII prop betting trends and notes
It's important to remember that when betting Super Bowl props the oddsmaker holds a huge edge, as many of the props carry as much of a 40 cent juice in his favor. Thus, it's critically important to make sure you have some sort of built-in advantage working in your favor before taking the plunge.

NFL's biggest betting mismatches: Super Bowl XLVII
Here are three betting mismatches you may or may not have considered when handicapping Super Bowl XLVII.

Where the action is: Sharp money shows at off-strip books
We talk to Aaron Kessler, sportsbook supervisor at the historic Golden Nugget, and Bert Osborne, sportsbook manager at South Point Hotel, about the action coming in at their off-strip books heading into Super Bowl Sunday.

Can bettors take advantage of Super Bowl ref?
So the decision to award Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII to Jerome Boger is raising some eyebrows, seeing as he has never previously officiated a conference championship game, let alone a Super Bowl.

NFL Prop Shop: Super Bowl XLVII prop picks

It's almost time to close down the Prop Shop for another year, but not before targeting four best bets on Super Bowl Sunday.

Where the action is: Rice, Moss props popular with sharps

Each year, sportsbooks post more and more props for the Super Bowl. While the alternative wagers are made more for the frenzied betting public, sharp bettors have become big fans of prop bets.

Super Bowl action report: Lines getting longer, 49ers money rolling in

Action on the Super Bowl is starting to pick up Friday afternoon as tourist roll into Las Vegas and online books watch their servers hum with the flood of Big Game bets.

Super Bowl XLVII betting preview: Ravens vs. 49ers

The matchup between Jim Harbaugh's 49ers and older brother John Harbaugh's Ravens nearly happened a year ago, but both teams lost nail-biters in their respective conference title games.

Super Bowl action report: Books could see spread as high as 4.5

If this trend continues, the spread could get close to its original number when the odds were released on Jan. 20.

Books, oddsmakers share favorite Super Bowl memories

The betting public tends to gravitate toward the favorite and the over in the big games, and there is no game bigger than Super Bowl XLVII.

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