Survivor streak ends at 18 for user, 'was like a death in the family'

Nov 26, 2013 |
Covers Contests Streak Survivor user terry32, a Costco employee from Illinois, had his remarkable streak of picks come to an end this past weekend.

His streak ended after 18 correct picks in a row, when he selected Oregon with the points this past Saturday, who got blown out by the Arizona Wildcats in Arizona 42-16.

"I lost my streak and it was like a death in the family," terry32 told Covers. "Why I picked Oregon on the road laying all those points I'll never know, I guess I thought they had something to play for."

But for terry32 it was more than just a contest, his whole town got involved, he said.

"I'd go to the gas station and people would ask me who I was going to pick," he said. "Guys would buy me drinks at the bar because they were following and betting my picks."

Terry won $1000 when he correctly picked Iowa (-16) in the Hawkeye's 38-14 victory over Purdue on Nov. 9 for his 17th correct pick in a row. His streak started all the way back on Aug. 19 when he picked the Boston Red Sox over the San Francisco Giants.

"It took a while to get my hat and hoodie, but my $1000 was deposited in my pay pal right away."

Congratulations to terry32, who will be starting his streak all over again, so check out Streak Survivor to follow his next streak and start your own winning survivor streak.

Good Luck!
All Streak Survivor rules can be found here.

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