Betting breakdown for NCAA championship game refs

Apr 8, 2013 |
The officials for tonight's NCAA championship game have been announced and they are John Cahill of Albany, N.Y. (referee), Tony Greene from Atlanta (umpire) and John Higgins from Omaha (umpire). They are working their 11th, seventh and fourth Final Fours, respectively.

Cahill officiated seven games this season featuring at least one of the championship teams. Louisville went 4-1 ATS (against the spread) and Michigan went 2-0 ATS. The O/U (over/under) was 4-3.

Favorites went 1-2 ATS in the three games Cahill worked in the NCAA tournament (New Mexico State vs. Saint Louis, Oregon vs. Saint Louis, Michigan vs. Florida) and the over was 2-1. In the 78 games Cahill has officiated this season, his crews averaged 32.8 fouls per game and gave out 17 technicals fouls, according to

Greene officiated four Louisville games this season and the Cardinals went 3-1 ATS. The over was 3-0. He has not called a Michigan game this year.

Greene worked three tournament games and the favorite went 2-1 ATS and the total was 1-2 (Iowa State vs. Notre Dame, Temple vs. Indiana, Duke vs. Louisville). In the 72 games Greene has worked this season, his crews averaged 35.2 fouls a game and gave 15 technicals this season, according to

Higgins officiated seven games featuring the final two teams. Louisville went 1-2 ATS and Michigan went 3-1 ATS. The over went 4-3.

The favorites in the three NCAA tournament games Higgins worked went 2-1 ATS and the over was 2-1 (Belmont vs. Arizona, Wichita State vs. Gonzaga, Syracuse vs. Marquette). In the 92 games Higgins has officiated this season, his crews averaged 33.9 fouls a game and handed out a hefty 35 technicals in 2012-13, according to

Greene and Higgins worked together when Louisville lost to Villanova 73-64 on Jan. 22.

Cahill and Higgins worked the Marquette-Louisville game together when the Cardinals won 70-51.

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