NHL betting: Despite rule changes, Unders cashing in

Oct 27, 2013 |
Even with the expectation that goalscoring would increase (which it still may, of course) due to size restrictions on goalie equipment, NHL Unders are hitting at 55.26 percent in all games and 57.01 in non-overtime games heading into Sunday's action.

The new rule restricts the size of a goalies' pads, making them shorter and exposing a bit more of the five hole.

Another rule change, one that kind of slid under the radar, is the decrease in the size of the net. Due to this, there is more room behind the net, thus more space to set up and make pass, or even attempt a wrap around.

There are a number of teams that have posted excellent records skewing to the Under side to start the season.

The Buffalo Sabres (3-9 Over/Under), Montreal Canadiens (3-8 O/U), Philadelphia Flyers (2-7 O/U), Chicago Blackhawks (3-8 O/U), Minnesota Wild (3-7 O/U) and Boston Bruins (2-6 O/U) are the top under plays in the league at the moment.

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