How to bet Super Bowl props like a pro

Jan 25, 2013 |
Prop bets are available throughout the year, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, prop options are nearly endless.

Sportsbooks offer literally hundreds of prop bets, some dealing with the game itself, some having to do with commercials, the broadcast, the coin flip, the halftime show, the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach… well you get the point.

Here are five tips on how to bet Super Bowl props.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

If you think Joe Flacco is going to have a big game and lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl win, then wager on him to win Super Bowl MVP at +300.

But it wouldn’t be a good idea to wager on Flacco to win the MVP, score the first touchdown, throw for over 300 yards and to take the Ravens moneyline on top of those prop bets.

All those things are cause and effect, if Flacco throws for over 300 yards and the Ravens win outright, he is a shoe-in to win the MVP and you get much better odds at +300 than with those other props.

Show some consistency in your prop bets

This may sound like the exact opposite of the first tip, but the key with Super Bowl prop betting is to find a middle ground with your wagering. While you don’t want to take every single pro-San Francisco prop bet, you do not want to contradict yourself constantly.

If you place a large wager on San Fran to win the game but then take a number of small prop bets on the Ravens, you're not hedging - you're likely painting yourself into a best-case scenario of breaking even.

If you have confidence in the Niners defense, go ahead and take the 49ers to win the game and Flacco under a certain amount of passing yards.

Use caution when betting on the coin toss
Remember, it is just a coin toss. There is nothing worse than being down a few units before the game even starts. You can wager on heads or tails and Niners or Ravens. And when everything is all said and done after the game, it would be a waste of NFL handicapping if you were forced to break even because your win on the pointspread was nullified by bone-headed pregame props. The coin toss is a fun prop to bet on, just remember to keep it in perspective compared to your other wagers.

Bet with reputable sportsbook

Not only is it illegal to wager with your local guy, but when it comes to Super Bowl props, sometimes it just isn’t smart.

Who do you trust to time the National Anthem if you wager on Alicia Keys over two minutes and 15 seconds? Who do you trust to count how many times the broadcast shows a baby picture of the Harbaughs? What if there is some confusion on an off-the-wall prop bet on Beyonce during the halftime show?

Most sportsbooks will simply rule the wagers no action if there is a legitimate dispute. That may not be the case with your local book.

Allocate your money

If you only have a certain amount of money available to wager or only a certain amount of money available in your online sportsbook account, don’t blow through the bankroll on things not pertaining to the game only to have a few bucks left to wager on the actual total and side.

If you have confidence in your handicapping ability of the actual football game it doesn’t make sense to have 75 percent of your wagers tied up in pregame ceremonies and the halftime show. You will end up with nothing to show for picking a winner. And remember, you're likely to get suckered into a few squares pools at the office.

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