Monday night debate: Who'll cover the spread?

Dec 20, 2009 |
Monday night debate: Who'll cover the spread?

We hauled out the big guns for this week's Monday night game. NFL bloggers Ben Folsom of the Curly R and James Trotta of NFL-Giants dish the goods on each team and answer the questions bettors are debating leading up to MNF.

New York Giants at Washington Redskins (+3, 43.5)

Ben Folsom gives us the inside track on the Redskins. 

Should Washington fans be happy with the shakeup in the front office? Will it affect the players at all this week?

The answer to this question is YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Redskins fans were in the streets Thursday night, it was like the liberation of an occupied city. 

Vinny Cerrato symbolizes much of what has been wrong with the Redskins for most of the past decade, it all comes back to owner Dan Snyder to be sure, and that has not changed. What Redskins fans hope will change is the sycophantic atmosphere in Ashburn, that Dan Snyder finally had the stones to hire someone with the clout and experience to tell him when his football intuition is wrong.

The hiring of Bruce Allen as the team's first general manager in the Dan Snyder Era signals for every player the beginning of a three-game tryout for 2010. With the lack of a salary cap looming for next season, even the high priced players are expendable.

The Skins are averaging 29.3 points over their last three games. Is the Sherm Lewis offense coming together or is this just a fluke?

This is the big debate in Washington. I think it boils down to better execution rather than better play calling under Sherm Lewis. As injuries mounted and the second-year skill players (receivers Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly and tight end Fred Davis) did not come on as strong as expected, the playbook has been trimmed. Thus a bunch of guys that would naturally get better working together throughout the season is benefiting from simplified, rather than improved, play-calling.

Washington has a ton of injuries. What injury/injuries do you think is having the most impact on the team down the stretch?

Without question it is injuries along the offensive line that are causing the greatest disruption in the Redskins performance.  Two key starters, left tackle Chris Samuels and right guard Randy Thomas, were lost for the season early, then the right guard and right tackle positions were shuffled like a deck of cards.  Even this week it looks like the Redskins will be starting a former practice squad player at right tackle, who like the starting tailback and starting left guard were not on the Redskins roster to start the season.

Why do you think the Skins will cover the spread?

The Redskins will cover this spread by keeping the score low in a game featuring more defense than offense.

Final score prediction: Redskins 23, Giants 17

James Trotta gives insight on the G-Men.

Is there a secondary in worst shape health-wise than the Giants'?

Probably, although I don't know enough about all the NFL teams to say with certainty. The Giants lost Kenny Phillips for the season - he's good but no one thought of him as the back

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