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How the greatest football game ever paid out at the sportsbook

Patrick Everson
The Patriots' epic comeback and overtime win in Super Bowl LI is arguably the greatest game of football ever player. Find out how football bettors and Las Vegas sportsbooks made out when the smoked settled in Houston Sunday night.

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Posted by drknow
1 month ago

I agree. 4th quarter, field goal range, run the ball, take the 3 Atlanta. OT, use timeout, break NE momentum, give your defense a rest and regroup. Poor coaching decisions. Also, change OT rule. Team scores TD, other team gets opportunity to score TD.

Posted by bagriest
1 month ago

Total exaggeration. The fact that the game went to overtime does not make it the greatest Super Bowl ever. Was certainly not the greatest football game ever. You'd need to have both teams playing excellent football throughout, which we did not have in either half. Credit to the Patriots, but what we did witness was the biggest choke in SB history.

Posted by DanSang
1 month ago

totally agree

Posted by Phor20
1 month ago

I gotta say the 18-0 pats losing to the GMEN was the biggest choke in sports history
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