Online sportsbook releases select college football win totals

If you're a college football bettor who can't wait for sportsbooks to release their win totals for the upcoming season, online book has an appetizer for you, posting win totals for select NCAAF programs. Among the notables are defending national champs Alabama (win total of 11.5), Notre Dame (9.5), Oklahoma (9.5), Michigan (9.5), and USC (10.5).

Here's a look at the teams available and their season win totals:

Alabama total wins 11½

Over (+170)/Under (-230)   
Arizona State total wins 9½
Over (+175)/Under (-245)                 

Boise State total wins 10½         
Over (+120)/Under (-160)
California total wins 4½
Over (+110)/Under (-150)                         

Central Florida total wins 8½
Over (+125)/Under (-165)                 
Cincinnati total wins 9½         
Over (+120)/Under -160)                 

Florida total wins 9½         
Over (+120)/Under (-160)                         

Florida State total wins 10½ 
Over (+110)/Under (-150)                      

Indiana total wins 5½         
Over (-190)/Under (+150)                      

Louisville total wins 10½         
Over (-130)/Under (-110)                

Michigan total wins 9½         
Over (-140)/Under (+100)                
Missouri total wins 5½         
Over (-180)/Under (+140)                

Notre Dame total wins 9½         
Over (-135)/Under (-105)
Oklahoma total wins 9½         
Over (+160)/Under (-210)                 

Penn State total wins 8½         
Over (+150)/Under (-190)            
Pittsburgh total wins 5½         
Over (-110)/Under (-130)                

Texas total wins 9½     
Over (-165)/Under (+125)                

USC total wins 10½         
Over (+130)/ Under (-170)            

West Virginia total wins 5½         
Over (-210)/Under (+160)

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