Is legal sports betting coming to Maine bars?

If you bet on sports and you drink beer, chances are you've played in some kind of sports pool at a local watering hole. The problem is that it's usually illegal to do so.

That might be changing in the state of Maine according to a report Wednesday from Seacoastonline. Rep. Sharri MacDonald has put forth a bill that would legalize football pools in bars for a license fee of $50 and she told the Legal Affairs Committee that she would welcome an amendment to allow any kind of pool.

MacDonald says the bill could bring in up to $110,000 for the state.

It's a small step, but the news is just one more sign that attitudes appear to be changing when it comes to sports betting.

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Posted by rp-rt
4 years ago

So what will politicians do when they can't get their payoffs from the mob?

Posted by unique11
4 years ago

hopefully, you will expand football pools and then other sports.

Posted by Jon_Campbell
4 years ago

Yes, exactly.

Posted by StLBluesHockey
4 years ago

Better for the state to get money out of it than the mob eh?
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