NHL Power Rankings: Week 3

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There are some major moves in the Week 3 rankings, with a hockey fans getting a better look at the league. Find out where your team sits in the latest NHL Power Rankings.

NHL Power Rankings

Week 3 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 no change in rankings 4-1-0-0
-204 A loss to the Panthers will drop the Pens in most rankings but I still have them as the team to beat two weeks in.
2 3 move up in rankings1 4-0-0-0
-201 The Blues haven't been quite as flashy as the Sharks, but every bit as effective. Their five-game homestand will wrap up with a date against, you guessed it, the Sharks Tuesday.
3 6 move up in rankings3 5-0-0-0
-200 Another hot start for San Jose, but remember, it got off to a similarly dominant start last season before fizzling.
4 2 move down in rankings2 3-1-0-1
-198 The defending champs haven't been dominant but they have successfully avoided an early season Stanley Cup hangover.
5 7 move up in rankings2 3-2-0-0
-195 I'll give the Red Wings a boost following Monday's impressive matinee road win in Boston. This is the most complete Detroit team in years.
6 4 move down in rankings2 3-1-0-0
-191 Based on what I've seen, the Bruins seem to be lacking an edge this season. I know, settle down, it's still early.
7 10 move up in rankings3 4-1-0-0
-187 I really like the makeup of this Ducks squad, with a terrific mix of veteran experience and young emerging talent.
8 9 move up in rankings1 5-1-0-0
-184 The Leafs are off to a nice 5-1 start, picking up where they left off late last season.
9 5 move down in rankings4 4-2-0-0
-182 Perhaps a trip east was just what the doctor ordered for the Kings. They've reeled off three straight wins overall.
10 13 move up in rankings3 3-2-0-0
-180 Credit the Habs for righting the ship out west. Carey Price is finally starting to look like an elite goaltender again.
11 22 move up in rankings11 5-0-0-0
-176 While I'm sure it won't last, it's time to give the rejuvenated Avs credit for their undefeated start.
12 19 move up in rankings7 2-1-1-1
-172 We're only two weeks into the season, but this looks like a far grittier Wild squad than we've seen in recent years.
13 18 move up in rankings5 4-2-0-0
-167 Another year, another underrated Coyotes team that likely sneaks into the playoffs.
14 12 move down in rankings2 3-3-0-0
-163 I'm giving the Canucks the benefit of the doubt here, because let's face it, they've looked pretty awful lately.
15 11 move down in rankings4 1-2-1-1
-159 Here's another team I'm willing to give a pass this week. The Sens have faced a brutal early season schedule.
16 15 move down in rankings1 2-2-0-0
-155 The Jackets big offseason prize, Nathan Horton, is already sidelined for a month due to injury.
17 8 move down in rankings9 1-4-0-0
-152 The Caps take a big hit this week. Ovie has been great, but the rest of the team has been sub par.
18 14 move down in rankings4 2-2-0-1
-151 I want to rank the Islanders a little higher, but they're doing little to help themselves these days.
19 17 move down in rankings2 3-2-0-0
-146 If nothing else, the Lightning are an exciting team to watch once again, scoring 11 goals in their last two games.
20 21 move up in rankings1 2-2-0-0
-141 The Stars have been a real mixed bag so far this season, but Tyler Seguin does appear ready to start taking things serious as a leader.
21 23 move up in rankings2 2-2-1-1
-136 There still seems to be an ingredient or two missing in Carolina. If the Canes want into the playoffs next spring, they're going to need to find some consistency.
22 20 move down in rankings2 3-3-0-0
-131 It hasn't been an awful start for the Jets, but this still looks like a team that will need to scratch and claw its way into the playoff picture all season.
23 26 move up in rankings3 2-3-0-0
-125 The Preds scoring woes continue as they've potted only nine goals through five games.
24 16 move down in rankings8 1-4-0-0
-121 Due to injuries and otherwise, the Rangers are a bit of a mess right now to say the least.
25 29 move up in rankings4 3-0-1-1
-117 Some regression is definitely in order, but the Flames have been one of the league's biggest surprises so far.
26 24 move down in rankings2 1-5-0-0
-112 The goaltending issues remain, but now the Flyers offense has run dry as well, scoring two goals or less in all six games this season.
27 25 move down in rankings2 0-3-1-2
-106 A tough road trip has contributed to the Devils struggles but that can't be used as a crutch if this team is going to make progress.
28 27 move down in rankings1 2-4-0-0
100 Credit the Panthers for rising up and taking down the Penguins in their home opener. Unfortunately, they followed it up with a shutout loss to the Kings.
29 28 move down in rankings1 1-3-1-0
104 Is the formula of loading up on young talent ever going to work in Edmonton?
30 30 no change in rankings 0-5-1-0
109 Yeah, it's going to be a long year in Buffalo.
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