NBA Power Rankings: Week 19

By Bryan Power - Covers Expert

Not much has changed at the top or the bottom of this week's NBA Power Rankings. The only movement in the top 10 sees the Mavs and 'Twolves swap spots, with the latter moving into 10th spot. The joint biggest movers of the week are The Suns, who dropped 3 spots. Where is your team ranked?

NBA Power Rankings

Week 20 Rank Last Week Change Team W-L
Power Rating Team Comments
1 1 no change in rankings 43-15
-14.5 Miami
Even though LeBron ran out of gas in the second half vs. Houston, I have to say, at no time this season has it been clearer on who the top team in the league is.
2 2 no change in rankings 46-15
-14.0 Oklahoma City
After losing their first three games with Russell Westbrook back in the lineup, the Thunder have bounced back with blowout wins over two clearly inferior opponents, which basically proves nothing.
3 3 no change in rankings 46-14
-13.5 Indiana
This is the first time all year we've seen a little adversity with the Pacers. Early in the year, they were having to rally from halftime deficits. Now, they are having trouble holding leads, which is why they've gone 1-7-1 ATS their last nine games.
4 4 no change in rankings 44-16
-12.5 San Antonio
After their lowest scoring quarter of the season (13 points) in the first vs. Cleveland, the Spurs would go on to score 109 points over the final three. They assisted on 39 of 43 field goals for the game.
5 5 no change in rankings 42-20
-12.4 L.A. Clippers
It cannot be understated just how well Blake Griffin is playing right now.
6 6 no change in rankings 41-19
-12.3 Houston
The Rockets have the best record in the league since January 1st and have feasted on the Eastern Conference, going 19-3 SU in non-conference games including the win over Miami
7 7 no change in rankings 37-24
-11.5 Golden State
Since December 23rd, no team has been better on the road than have the Warriors at 13-5 straight up. That's kind of surprising.
8 8 no change in rankings 41-19
-10.5 Portland
Despite leading the league in scoring, I've pretty much turned on this team being a legit contender. I simply do not see them winning a 1st round playoff series.
9 9 no change in rankings 33-26
-9.0 Toronto
-9 Toronto Toronto has what amounts to a week off as they don't play Monday through Thursday. Almost a lock to win the Atlantic at this point.
10 13 move up in rankings3 30-29
-8.9 Minnesota
Just when I thought I was out, the Twolves pull me back in! They've won six of seven entering Wednesday and Kevin Love put up the best indvidual numbers of any player last month.
11 12 move up in rankings1 34-25
-8.8 Memphis
Having won 16 of their last 24 on the road, the Grizzlies are about to be tested with 11 of their next 16 games coming away from home.
12 10 move down in rankings2 36-25
-8.5 Dallas
Going all the way back to Christmas, the Mavs are 0-6 against the top five teams in the West. If they do make the playoffs, it's likely to be a short stay.
13 14 move up in rankings1 33-27
-8.4 Chicago
A rare offensive explosion was halted the other night in Brooklyn. The good news is that they haven't dropped back to back games in nearly a month.
14 11 move down in rankings3 35-25
-8.0 Phoenix
Could the Suns finally be on the verge of setting? Their next three games - against Oklahoma City, Golden State and the Clippers - will all be major tests.
15 15 no change in rankings 31-29
-7.1 Washington
The Wiz had won a season-high six in a row before losing to Memphis, but beware that the majority of those wins came against bad teams.
16 16 no change in rankings 29-29
-7.0 Brooklyn
Finally back to .500, the Nets would be a team no one wants to face in the first round of the playoffs. If they finish sixth or higher, watch out.
17 18 move up in rankings1 27-33
-5.0 Charlotte
The Bobcats are almost in purgatory in this spot. They are significantly worse than every team above them, but everyone below is playing pretty terrible at this point.
18 17 move down in rankings1 26-32
-4.5 Atlanta
To give you an idea of how bad the Hawks defense has been of late, the offense has averaged more than 108 points the last five games and the team has lost four times.
19 19 no change in rankings 21-39
-4.0 Sacramento
It is shocking to me that one-third of the league is worse than the Kings. They came up with their best defensive performance in a month against the Pelicans
20 22 move up in rankings2 24-38
-3.9 Cleveland
Cleveland still believes itself to be a playoff contender. They're the only ones.
21 21 no change in rankings 21-40
-3.8 New York
No team has made the playoffs in a non-lockout season with less than 36 wins since '95. To get to 36 wins, the Knicks would have to go 15-6 the rest of the way. That's probably not happening.
22 20 move down in rankings2 25-34
-3.7 Denver
It's over here as the Nuggets are going to miss the playoffs for the first time since '03. Nice job firing George Karl, guys!
23 23 no change in rankings 24-36
-3.6 Detroit
The list of disappoinments continues here with a Pistons team that has lost seven of nine. What do all these disappointing teams have in common, you ask? They all stink defensively.
24 24 no change in rankings 24-37
-3.5 New Orleans
New Orleans has a legitimate reason why its gone into the toilet - injuries. Jrue Holliday and Ryan Anderson are officially done for the season.
25 25 no change in rankings 21-39
-3.0 Utah
There is simply no way to positively spin a 114-88 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.
26 26 no change in rankings 21-40
-2.0 L.A. Lakers
After posting back to back wins (a real rarity), the Lakers gave up 132 points to the Pelicans. In regulation. Unacceptable.
27 27 no change in rankings 20-40
0.0 Boston
Pretty sad that a team tanking this bad has no chance to be considered the worst in the league.
28 28 no change in rankings 19-43
1.2 Orlando
They finally won a road game, but it was at Philadelphia, so it really doesn't count.
29 29 no change in rankings 12-47
1.5 Milwaukee
Wednesday night will see the Bucks again trying to win back to back games for the first time all year.
30 30 no change in rankings 15-46
5.0 Philadelphia
How does it get even worse for the already worst team in the league? By having their rating downgraded to the lowest I've ever given out for a team. The Sixers may not win another game.
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