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Tomatoe/Tomato D is 4th play? Either way it's a win. Congrats to everyone who stuck with the play. View
Looks like we ride this to the D bet. View
Onto the  3rd game. Let's get it! View

I agree. Its' early on so let's see how it pans out.


I saw your post. Bet second half no matter what. View
Where do we go with the Orlando loss? Thanks in advance. View
Good luck Cheeta! View
Question? Are you playing these according to the rules the first and the second three hours later, or are you playing them all. If your playing them all, how have they been doing? Thanks in advance. View
Yup View
Are there any NCAAB games tonight? Looks like there are 6 that fit the criteria if I'm looking correctly. Thanks in advance View

Atlanta was a nail biter!!

Looks like an easy win with Prov. Congrats gentlemen View
IIll line dropping. Keep an eye on it. View
You are correct. View

New updated list for tonight:

7pm providence -7.5

7pm St. Joes -10

8pm St. Louis-11.5

8pm Ark St.-10

11pm Oreg.-9.5

The plays for this evening according to the rules would be:

Providence or St Joes/Oreg.

For those who choose to follow, good luck and good fortune!

I'm with ya Green. I don't know if I will pull the trigger or not. View
Hat, I thimk guys on here would be more apt to believe your wins if you stick by the rules which you made. 

("-7 to -15 points on this one also if have to go into second game make sure it's the next game and that is at least 3 hours after first game started.

Ex. Game starts at 1:00 next game has to be 4:00 or later but next game up! I know weird but just DO IT!")

According to the games you selected yesterday

7:30 Syracuse -11 win

8:00 Minnesota -7.5 win

8:00 Ohio St. -11.5 win

8:00 Nebraska -7.5 win

9:00 UCLA -8 win

9:00 Utah St. -13 win

9:00 Missouri -9.5 loss 2nd half pending -9

After the 6pm game there was no other games that fit the 3 hour window. Once again we do appriciate what your trying to do, but releasing the plays before they start, and playing according to your rules would go along way. And before you ask, yes I lost a few hundred on the Indiana game but not a big deal I made it back on my other wagers throughout the night. There were others that didn't make it back.
I had the ml I won View
Easy come easy go. See ya 400.00 Now it's time to make it back View
There is going to be loses along the way. Remember it's nothing but a thing, like a chicken wing. View
Never fear for fear is for the fearfull View
Gotcha. Thanks View

Sorry for this question, but what is a double dip game? Thanks in advance.

St. Mary,s don,t play today? View

Do we play the ml or just play what ever the line is for the half ? Thanks in advance.


Just trying to understand, Ill and colorado are both at the same time and there are no other games to continue with if they lose. Let's say they lose what will you then go on to? Thanks in advance



These games today have been awful! What a turn-around on winning.


I'm new to this forum, I just want to say thanks for all that you do.And good luck to all of us! I think I have the hang of it now View

Are you picking a 4pm and 7pm game also?


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