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Pro Basketball > Houston at Charlotte (01/21/2013) > View Post
Pick HOU! 7 game losing streak ATS. its about time for them to win! 

Pro Basketball > Los Angeles at Minnesota (01/17/2013) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by lender959:
This line looks fishy.  Are the Clippers planning on taking a rest day and benching some starters?  The strange thing is going from an overnight of 14 to 4.5, that's a big jump.  I'm thinking no brainer clips -4.5 (or 5, or 6, or etc...) but something fishy is going on here and every time, I loose my behind.

You think too much man! its better if you use your head! LAC is not like the spurs who have old players that you must rest. Also,the bench of the Clippers is so deep,their starters can be starters in poor teams like WAS and CHA. Use your brain man!! it might help you 

Pro Basketball > New Orleans at New York (01/13/2013) > View Post
Pick NYK! After those losing streaks new york will have a blow out game tomorrow. NOH won their last 4 games,its about time for them to loss! I'll go all in with NYK. 

NOH 89 - NYK 102

Pro Basketball > Miami at Sacramento (01/12/2013) > View Post
Pick Mia! I think they will play better defense tomorrow. Their loss on portland shows them poor defense! The big 3 must play big tomorrow! I hope Miami wins!!

Mia 99 - Sac 85 

Pro Basketball > Utah at Charlotte (01/09/2013) > View Post
Faustbone picks sucks!! It burns your money! 

Pro Basketball > San Antonio at New York (01/03/2013) > View Post
Play NYK! Nyk 2 game losing streak and 0-6-1 ATS in their last 7 games. Amare's return will give them a big help defeating the Spurs. ill pick NYK all in. 

Pro Basketball > Dallas at Washington (01/01/2013) > View Post
Mavs 6 games losing streak and 2L ATS. Great time to push on dallas! Choose dallas 
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