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Streak Survivor > jcoby picks Texas for $25000 0 -0 in the 6th > View Post

the only thing i can tell you all, is to WIN and see if it pays, i enjoy trying to get the streak going, good luck to everyone that plays


Streak Survivor > colts coach(caldwell) throwing the game sunday > View Post
coach caldwell throwed that game,so they could try to keep hou,den,and pit out of the playoffs; but it's gonna backfire,cause the colts are'nt as good as their record indicate. It doesn't mean anything to me anyway cause them COWBOYS are gonna take care of their BIZ.

Streak Survivor > has anyone ever had 25 consecutive pics? > View Post

If anyone can help with this question it will be highly appreciated.

Streak Survivor > Does your streak continue in new year? > View Post
what's up atlheatholder,there's nothing sexier than to see a woman; that's in to sports, i just had to give you props; maybe that will encourage more women try it. keep up the good work.
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