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Yep. No online books would allow these type plays. I've won some on them, but it's not as easy as it sounds. I guess I'll look at Baylor they are good at this. View
I took Stros View
Related type parlays let's say team A is favored -34 and over/under is 61 let's say.

You can parlay with him team A and over. Anyone see any good parlays like this?
I know not accepting new members View
I like vols/Utah state over. Vols have fire power at wrs. Marquez North, Josh Malone looked amazing in orange/white game 3 tds 151 yards, Lavon Pearson #2 rated juco, Alton "pig" Howard and u know chuckie Keaton will put up points if he is healthy. Utah State lost a lot from their outstanding D last year. View
I'm going online this year for football and I want a dependable book that pays out. Thx in advance. View
I had KU last game and was thrilled to get out with a push.  Baylor played them tough at PHOG.  Haslip was even getting open 3's.  I'm in GL. View
Iowa State was my biggest play of night.  I felt like we were doomed when it went to 3rd OT, but they never blinked.  Getting +6.5 in an OT is good, but I've lost way worse plays. View
I did Under in their last game 130 at Miss State.  To me it just seems like they are due for an over game. View
Agree on a lot, but think marq wins idk about covering. Simple facts marq 8-2 at home and prov 4-4 on road. Marq at home lost barely to asu early season and Saturday in OT to nova. They could be 10-0 at home easy View
Oregon can win they are at home, but defense is their issue. Atrocious defensive team. View
Add UC-irvine +3.5 the class of the big west and been really good to me. View
They could be a good over. Cincy has been allergic to going over the passed few years, but they did last game and I was on it against temple. View
^ exactly they really could rig this one pretty easy. What did Seattle do to the NFL? View
Starting to post again. 0-0 ncaab ytd posted.

Play of Day Over 164 ucla/Oregon-it breaks down like this Oregon top scoring team in PAC 12 85+ per and plays no d. Ucla second best scoring team at 84+ per. Put them together it should be a great pace.

Over 150.5 Bryant/Robert Morris

Add small parlay with Bryant and over

I'll gamble on SB cuz I'm no box View
I'm sorta legit worried cuz they are playing the golden boy Peyton and it's already happened to the Seahawks. View
You remember steelers/Seahawks SB right? Just brutal. View
This is my only worry about taking them. View
Iowa is for real I honestly love the over gl back to grind tomm View
Up to -4 I mean what could they make the line? View
Conflicted on it I def won't play va large, but they look to matchup well with nd View
Pick teams u have good reads on and put them with over is my strategy I only do 2 teamers when parlaying 86% of my bets are straight plays. I've had some luck with Xavier and totals and creighton and the total. I even did providence and over vs creighton. U just got to find teams u can gauge well. View
I don't post plays, but do look at times.  Like when I saw a post on here that said something along the line of "Half my bankroll for year on Trail Blazers at PHX".  You gotta go against the cocky ppl.  Way she goes. View

Wizards prob was 1 of your 3 losses at DET LOL


IDK man you are dissing my Pistons bad in that post.  I don't think they are a great bet tonight, but the pitts? I'm up quite a bit it could be a fun 10 game fade at 110 per.



Seattle is my second favorite team, but hell look what the Titans did to them with backup qb at SEA.  SEA barely pulled out a second half cover for me and gave me 3 heart attacks.  SEA F's around and usually just feels the other team out for a quarter besides last weeks game at Arizona.  IDK how I'm playing the game, SEA just plays around with teams too much to guarantee a blowout. View
He is kinda old and wouldn't like to register.  This blows I love second half betting. View
My bookie does scoresandodds final line and thats fine, but they haven't put out halftime lines the last 2 days.  Is there any other place that keeps halftime lines up and you can even click yesterday and see them? Idk wtf is up with SandO. View
I like it, but it says 60% rain chance and that could F it up you know this.  So I cant do over with that rain chance. View
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