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Keep up the good work. Thanks.  View
He's on Clemson so take virginia tech View
DADson- he's on Oregon st. And Kansas st for his NCAAB View
Damn great call East Oak on everything. Everything you said just about happened. After reading your post I was gonna drop 3300 on ravens but my local wouldn't take my play cause he had too much action on ravens. But glad you hit and also glad you got the last laugh cause you took a lot of crap from everyone in here before the game was even played. No there no where to be found. Congrats bro View
Man I'm right there with you iceman. Couldn't agree with you more. Great fight and those mma fights tonight just wasn't exciting to me View
Yea. I was rooting and also dropped on Marquez but your right I was even surprised by that knockout. It was a perfect counter. But your absolutely right that PAC last fight vs Bradley was so fixed no doubt bout that one View
Come on fixed? It just seems that everyone that's a PAC fan or betted on him is saying "fixed". It was a great fight and one of the best knockouts. Give the man his dues. If you follow boxing you would know Marquez is no slouch. View
Top 3: NYY / SF / ATL

I'm on reds too
Reds View
A's and M's View
Idk about that rays lean. Milone Has a 0.91 ERA at home. He's only given up 7 runs in 59 innings at home and on top of that the rays are only batting a .178 the last five games against lefty's. I hope this helped.
GL to whatever you do
M's View
Quintana has struggled his last two outings on the road. Also Kevin Youkilis is not in the line up, but is available to PH. And also Dustin Pedroia is in the starting lineup for Redsox tonight. I hope this helped.
I say angels but I'm with teaser78 with that reds pick. Zona is also resting a couple of key players. GL View
Angels -106
Nationals -165
Reds -135

Betting 3 units each. Hopefully I can bounce back from yesterday.
GL you guys
McDonald also pitched a one hit one ER aginast the Rockies earlier this year but Pirates lost 2-1. This is a pretty fishy line, but im with you guys I'm all over the pirates too. 

GL you guys
REDS -155
CUBS +105
A's -101

Sorry for the huge typo. I'm new at this


STRAIGHT BETJul 17300.00 USD / 193.00 USD
STRAIGHT BETJul 17300.00 USD / 315.00 USD
STRAIGHT BETJul 17300.00 USD / 163.00 USD
STRAIGHT BETJul 17-101300.00 USD / 297.00 USD

GL everyone
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