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on ryder too, bought the hook. gl today  View
gl today PHO, like memphis and creighton as well.   View
thanks for the win with vandy last night, played the ML for -260 for a small win. 

ill be trailing you on nebraska tonight as well. GL 
that is not good news to me, I'm only hovering around 600 right now, but was going to cash out if i won a few more games this weekend. i hope you guys get your money, better late then never....yikes

thanks for the nice write up, I'm on them as well. gl   View
gl tonight....on nashville and calgary Ml's as well  View
good luck tonight  View
Gl tomorrow freak  View
Gl tomorrow hook em  View
Gl tomorrow Tepham  View
Gl tomorrow IDB  View
Gl today Moho  View
Gl today Tgt  View
Gl today puma  View
Gl today bold  View
Gl today jerzey  View
Gl today weebs  View
Gl today ju  View
Go today FF  View
Gl today Aleoc  View
Gl today Jeeves  View
Gl today jab  View
Gl today danger  View
Gl today Metallica  View
Go tonight freak  View
Gl tonight Tepham  View
Gl tomorrow rg3  View
Gl tomorrow hook em  View
Go tonight Metallica  View
Gl today LV trk  View
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