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College Basketball > Who's your Cinderella ? > View Post
Pitt, Wichita. . Elite 8
Sfa, Hawaii/Sdst.... sweet 16

College Basketball > Bracket Banter - Historical Stats Don't Lie > View Post
You press a pressing team.  West Virginia the 2nd most turnover prone team in the tournament. The only team to force more turnovers than wva is sfa. Sfa is the 13 most experienced team in the field. Wva is not a good free throw shooting team and sfa takes care of the ball. Wva can beat them on the boards with size, but they have to get into their half court set first and they are a poor half court offense. Wva may squeek a win but the points with sfa or pass for me.
Thanks for the work spaz. Good luck buddy!

College Basketball > WISC-GREEN BAY@VALPO > View Post
Great talk in here boys without the normal covers crap! We're all here to win money. Gb moneyline for me.

College Basketball > WISC-GREEN BAY@VALPO > View Post
Sykes a combined 6 for 30 (20%) in the 2 matchups this season. He's kicking behind right now and should have a good to great game tonight.  Both games were super tight. T. Walker doubtful tonight. He was difference maker in the valpo win. That's my angle. 

NFL Betting > Wilson -7.5 and Luck +7 > View Post
Those are the plays and throw some on the colts ml too. Good luck!

College Football > Okay, Am I missing something on this total? > View Post
4 qb ' s out. Hawaii rb suspended. Usu plays d. I could go on. First team to 13 wins

College Football > 3 team parlay guaranteed $$$$$ > View Post
I don't like that the oregon/stanford total is only 54.5 and the line has come down 4.5 points. Looks like stanford controls the game and wins for the 3rd straight year.
good luck though

College Football > well if everyone has goy and whatever else they name it...mine > View Post
I like it. Good luck 

College Football > Why Duke is +2 ???? > View Post
Didn't the line run like this toward Pitt in the Iowa game and they lost straight up? Don't let the line movement sway you from actual handicapping. If you like duke,  thank them for the extra points. If you like pitt, you should of bet them already and are asking for it if you bet them after line has moved this much. 

NFL Betting > NFL Week Eight > View Post
Good luck

Good spot for the bears/cinci/Carolina today -  agree with your initial thoughts

NFL Betting > NFL Week Six > View Post
Good luck buddy

NFL Betting > Best Pick Of The Week > View Post

NFL Betting > .......give me some TOTALS you like....... > View Post
bears/9ers over 48

denver team total over 31

don't like that giants/zona over. both defenses will probably have to score to get that one over

good luck on the plays today boys

NFL Betting > who is your upset special for today? > View Post
Rams +5.5, field goal or under decides that crap fest

College Basketball > I feel a sweep coming on!!!........ > View Post
utst has a hurt guard and aren't the same team without him. backdoor is open on that game. gl mh. hope you sweep em

College Basketball > NCAA Hoops Thursday > View Post
gl spaz

hit that tenn st tt over 72.5, easy green my friend

College Basketball > Denver...... > View Post
sure looks like this game gets over the 113 total

College Basketball > Thursday > View Post
ytd 8-8

nice card tonight. expect a lot of tight conservative first halves in these shit conference games

Drake/Bradley 1st Half Under 65

South Carolina Upstate/Jacksonville 1st Half Under 65

Liberty/High Point 1st Half Under 64

Loyola Marymount/San Francisco 1st Half Under 62½

Tennessee State Over 72½

5-0 or tomorrow's losers are free too! good luck on your plays!

College Basketball > Presbyterian (8-23) vs Campbell (12-19) -3 any plays on this game? > View Post
under131. slow tempo lots of d and bad o. under 60.5 1st half too. gl

College Basketball > NCAAM TUESDAY > View Post
On it too, gl

College Basketball > Tuesday > View Post
ytd 5-5

Illinois/Iowa Under 135½

Eastern Michigan +3


Ohio State/Indiana Over 140½

Cleveland State +4½

Presbyterian/Campbell Under 131

Think the 3 dogs win outright. Good luck on your plays

College Basketball > Sun 3-4-13 > View Post
thanks doc! hope your beating those books up.

add 2 totals:

Virginia/Boston College Over 124½

NC State/Georgia Tech 1st Half Under 64

College Basketball > Capper007 CBB Sunday > View Post
good luck today.

 always like looking in on your thread.

thanks for posting throughout the year

College Basketball > Sun 3-4-13 > View Post
ytd 4-1

great start to the season yesterday! this is the time of the year to make $, now through the tourney in college hoops and first month of mlb. screw the grind


Villanova 1st Half +5½

Wisconsin -14½

North Carolina tt Over 80

that's it till 4. may add some late aft games.
Good luck on your plays!

College Basketball > 3/3/13 - first plays of the season > View Post
3-1 ytd


St Louis -5.5

College Basketball > 3/3/13 - first plays of the season > View Post
ytd -1-0

cuse/ville under 60.5 1st half

vcu looking good


Rhode Island +12½ -105   

College Basketball > 3/3/13 - first plays of the season > View Post
ytd 0-0

cuse/ville under 60.5 1st half

mem/cfu over 68 1st half

vcu -7.5
all plays 2 units

good luck all

NFL Betting > Best Prop Bets? > View Post
Why in the hell is Pollard +400 to score a td? next def player is reed at +1200, then the rest at 1600+.... maybe the dude gets a pick 6, another int and forced fumble and takes home the mvp at 100 to  win $25,500

NFL Betting > Best Prop Bets? > View Post
looking at the the last 11 super bowls, these +odds items have been hitting more than 50%, last # is times occurring from 2001 to current, all lines 5dimes

Team to score first loses game +155   6 of 11

TD not scored by offense +158   6 of 11

First score not a TD +125   7 of 11

A two point conversion attempted +215    6 of 11

Highest scoring quarter - fourth quarter +225    8 of 11
   --- all 8 of the higher quarters were also over 14+pts, current 4th quarter line is over 13.5 -115

NFL Betting > Sign up here if you plan on wasting your money on the Ravens on February 3rd > View Post
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