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NBA Betting > *** Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio Spurs - Game 7 *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by scalabrine:

Didn't know he had a fan club or even who he is.

Going 3-1 in 4 is not impressive because you could just as easily go 2-2 or 1-3.

He didn't say anything in the 'write-up'. That's all. 
So I was just telling best-bets that. It's a lazy cap in my opion.

"Take the spurs" (groundbreaking taking a 62 win team with no explanation).

Ok why.

"Because I feel good about it."

LOL. Well thanks for the 'feeling'. I'll pass on your picks.
Who the hell you think you are? You're mocking a guy who made this year combined over 34K? All verified and documented and is being followed by thousands?  Facebook the guy and find out you creep. Facebook or Google Sportsmavin

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QUOTE Originally Posted by Mick960:
mick960 0-0  $0

MIA Heat -10

Mavin, you've been advocating binaries over sports for sometime now and the results are there to prove your points. 28k in couple months are way better anyone could imagine. I for sure like to try that but I am worried because of US citizenship. Are there still a problem for US traders or you already solved it?
Check this out. It mighty answer your question dude

Great News for US Binary Options Traders

 us flagFinally, after long search, checking and rechecking, we came up with the broker who is suitable for our standards and delivers in all aspects that we as traders need – fast operating platform, easy withdrawals, great tutorials and – very important – we are well connected inside and have their ears, so if needed – we can always be helpful.  http://bit.ly/1cwBTNz is the link for registering and once you do – let us know so we can list you up for Rainmaker365.com services including a twitter and email subscription. The name is MarketOptions and the link is as I already mentioned http://bit.ly/1cwBTNz. You will get 100% on top of your deposit.

MLB Betting > phixer's mlb 2014 > View Post
Something very interesting that I came up with after understanding where your picks came from and also why you picked them and how unfortunate it is that you are going to go 0-4 despite picking the right picks. Right picks? many of us would ask. Yes. Check this out please/

You, Phix, picked the Giants who lost 2-6 but outhit the Dodgers 8-7
You, Phix, picked the Reds today who are down 1-5 but outhit the Cardinals 8-7
You, Phix, picked the Orioles who lost 2-4 but were tied in hits with the Yanks 8-8 outhitting them most of the game.
In the game where the Rays won only SU by 1 run you had -1.5.

I believe in you man. Keep picking till the stats will straighten up!

NBA Betting > phixer's nba > View Post
Thanks for your NFL thread sir Phixer! Good luck everywhere you go if its here or rainmaker365 or LGT or anywhere else you're posting. 

NFL Betting > phixer's nfl > View Post
Thanks and Good Luck to You Sir Phixer !

Here, at LGT or at Rainmaker365!

NFL Betting > phixer's nfl > View Post
This thread was FUN 

This thread was educational 

This thread was friendly to everyone 

But most importantly this thread was PROFITABLE 

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QUOTE Originally Posted by djavol:
Something great is in the oven boyz and galz and definitely worth checking. They still getting their stride in but going to have sports bets and binary options signals altogether in one place.
I don't wanna burn them or get burned myself but MK, Mavin, KMT and Phix all in one place although experimental - worth yo keep in mind. Even if it's in a week or two.
rainmaker365   wow

Great thanks bro!
5-2 last night with Oklahoma money lines of the first and the game. Great info. MK 3-0 were all excellent calls.

NFL Betting > phixer's nfl > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by LoveDogs:

Where did Phix post the Pitt play(Panthers I'm assuming?) 

I can't, for the life of me, locate where Mavin or MK are posting, I must be missing something.

Well, I bet sports, so I am definitely missing something......intelligence.
It's aLIVE, it's GAMES, it's TIPS and they are excellent!

NFL Betting > phixer's nfl > View Post
I wonder where is intel-1 now when MK and the friends are on a 10 unit roll?
GL Phix! Sorry - just had to speak my mind off

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Let me put few things in perspective here:
Mavin starts a thread about NBA handicapping with over 12K comments and over 1.5 Million views.
Mavin starts a thread with Binary Options trading and earns his followers as myself handful of dollars/euros.
Jebaum with 3.5 posts "reveals the truth" about Mavin after optionrally "confessed" to jebaum about Mavin's "true identity".
Mr Jebaum - do you take us for idiots?

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QUOTE Originally Posted by austrian:
To all the new people who are blinded by 21,090$ figure profits in last two trading days: I think you should take into consideration few very important factors (and please don't let me be misunderstood):
1.Prior to that magnificent run Mavin had pretty dubious few days after he came back from a vacation, so be prepared for some losses also sometimes if you're intending to follow Mavin and although the wins will be the major part judging by the past - still - note that no one wins all the trades at all times.
2.Mavin has his special ways to identify the right times of entering his trades but sometimes also has a tendencies of a compulsive manner - and if you will know which is which and when to press the foot on gas - you will gain a lot.
3.You have familiarize yourself as much as possible with the features and all the tools optionrally has before jumping in big as for an example - I have been making more money lately on 60 seconds binary trading that on traditional binary trading but if you dont understand the manner you have to use the feature - you'll be losing more than winning. So, either you know what you're doing or you don't and if you don't - learn it first as there are great tutorial tools available at optionrally and simply practice it.
4. When trading with Mavin - you have to understand the wide range of his genius and see the whole picture like this last Thursday - Friday trading when he warned about the great opportunity first - then began delivering little blows and somewhere towards the end of Thursday began to deliver Mike Tyson type of blows that also could have resulted in +50,000$ profits if the time would allow.

In other words - following Mavin can be very profitable as long as you understand how his mind works and when and how he prepares for big days like the last two.

I take 60 seconds trades only when hedging some of other trades. Because basically 60 seconds trades can be very elusive not to say that most you can trade is like 500$ at the time and that is more like a gambling to me rather than trading

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Great beginning to August Mavin

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Investments > Questions Regarding Binary Options > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Mr_Coffee_Shop:
I think that the basic disbelief comes from the fact that the earnings are so high and on such consistent basis. Those of us who's been on Mavin's threads for a while and got to know him - we accept those facts naturally, but if I may say - those who's not that familiar with Mavin and his ways of conduct as well as the his quiet demeanor and his unblemished reputation - those guys have a problem accepting such success especially knowing that they've been missing it.
One thing I learned very well on my own skin is that you got to have a basic operating skills on internet as most of us have with an online sportsbooks. Once those skills are present and you can differenciate between what Put means and what Call means, as well you can quickly set an expiry time and an asset you want to trade as well entering the sum of the trade - the next thing is knowing what you're doing trading wise and that is the part where Mavin comes with his signals. Once you learned how to receive those signals as soon as you can (I think those things can be found out very quickly). Many here may not know what we the old timers on Mavin's threads and his friends on Facebook know for sometime: Mavin comes from a vast financial background and was occupied serious positions at Goldman Sachs .
His insights available to those who interact with him constantly - are genius. 
Visit hotstockmarket and find his thread over there where he also posts screen shots of his trades top realize the transparency the man works with before making a ridiculous statements questioning integrity of the man as well as the integrity of Binary Options trading
I second that

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QUOTE Originally Posted by sabonis:
Yes you dum dum, yes. He's really upset for haviong sex with badlands and not using a rubber
Why you're calling me dum dum? IO'm not the one down 15 units here
And what's wrong if I don't understand the complicated relations between the Badlands and Standupcomedian? Sex is always interesting and when two members of covers are having it with each other and the third member (the LVTruck) is involved too   - I wanna hear all about it and see some pictures too. And I don't really care if they're men or women (the LVTruck and the Badlands).
BTW, isn't Badlands and the picture the Badlands is using connected? It's the Bruce Allmighty right?

MLB Betting > *** WED. MLB *** > View Post
What's going on here? Seriously. Are Badlands and LVTruck really men loving men or are they really women? Is this a threesome with standup?
Wow. I never thought Covers will be the place the reaql time drama will unfold at

Please help me understand... Is standup really upset for not using the rubber?

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post

NBA Betting > Who are the most amazing cappers on Covers? > View Post
Truly amazing. I don't think anyone on Covers can dispute it

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post
Hi Mavin. 
I'd like to enter the contest with the following picks please:

OptionsJunky  0-0

Under 186.5  LA Clippers - MEM Grizzlies

LA Clippers -6

SAC Kings +3.5

The game in LA is for me one sided Clips win because of the way they can handle tired Grizzlies team after the travel from Portland and the game they played there last night. The Grizzlies will slow the pace down while the Clips will run it up. The result fits with those both tendencies. Under and the Clips covering.
The lline in Sacramento is very funny and reminds m,e of those guys trying to lure you into the strip clubs in Amsterdam (not that I need much luring LOL). Vegas is begging to get on Chicago side and I say  - NO.

Investments > Phixer's Binary Options Signals for European Time traders > View Post
Great idea Mister Phixer!!!
Can't wait for the first pick from you!!!
Best of luck to you Sir!!!

Investments > Trading Binary Options vs Betting on Sports - which is more profitable > View Post

Investments > Trading Binary Options vs Betting on Sports - which is more profitable > View Post
I personally missed this one. Was away from my desk
But, I'm not complaining. Last week was more than satisfactory. You seriously have to consider tweeting. Mavin - you do everything right and I'm not complaining - but it would make your (I don't even call it a service since you're not asking for anything) effort much more fruitful.
Once again - Mavin, Phixer and anyone who was on this first ever signal on the thread (by, the way, will you still continue PMing or this says that the PMs are over?).
Thanks Mavin and BOL

Investments > Trading Binary Options vs Betting on Sports - which is more profitable > View Post
Mavin. Thanks for creating this thread at last. I just want to stress the importance of the first deposit relying solely on my experience with few of the companies. Some companies regard the bonus they give you as a tool to "seduce" you and they are easy to recognize by the answers they give you when you ask how soon your bonus will be available for the withdrawal. The advantage I found using Mavin in that instance with optionrally was the flexibility on any issue. My bonus which was 30% was there for continued trading while I was already withdrawing my winnings on a weekly bases. You see - when you gain - the bonus is gold as you turning your money over quicker and more you deposit initially and bigger the bonus - faster the turnover alongside withdrawals. 
We only have to work the way to get your signals in a timely manner to the public of your followers Mavin and I don't think you'll have a choice but to use Twitter. It is easy and fast and since you repeatedly denied any "donations" or "contributions" for what you do - it is clear that if you create Twitter account it is not for touting purposes. 
Mavin, new week will begin on Monday and let's keep rolling!

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post
Mavin, I respect your privacy not disclosing the details about yourself - but I think it would be academically helpful for the visitors to understand where you come from. All I got to add to that subject is that the fact of you being an excellent signal caller in binary options market (I could say - unmatched if I wanted to stress that point)  - is only helpful to understand your altruist motives in delivering the mass education thread on subject of sports handicapping. I personally learned a lot and more than that - discovered that there are reasonable people who are seriously trying to handicap sports and the next step most probably will be converting them to learn trading in binary options. That is how I see the flow of this process started by you. As one who came here from that market - it was pretty strange to see you trying to work sports handicapping market which is in my eyes much more complicated than the binary options one. But, then I learned that the risk management is the key to all the ventures in a trading world and trading in spreads and totals carries much more unpredictability and risk than binary options do. 

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post
One question Mavin, did you cash on binary today on nasdaq today? I did it twice, on put since afternoon twice (Swiss time f course) and on call after 6? It was a great trend of fall and rise

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by SportsMavin:
MILWAUKEE Bucks - CHICAGO Bulls Over 192  (-110)  110$

HOUSTON Rockets +4 (-110)  110$

TORONTO Raptors +4  First Half  (-110)  110$

BOSTON Celtics - SACRAMENTO Kings  Over 194  (-110)   $110
rolling with you tonight

NBA Betting > Build your bankroll with me. Real Deal > View Post
Tuesday picks

501 Over 191                                -110    220USD     
501 Boston Celtics                       -110    220USD
504 Detroit Pistons -5                   -110    220USD  
504 Under 194.5                           -110    220USD  
507 Oklahoma City Thunder -1      -110    550USD
509 Under 200.5                           -110   550USD   

NBA Betting > Build your bankroll with me. Real Deal > View Post
Sunday plays: 2-3   -260USD
YTD  13-14   -825USD
1 unit plays 1-4
2 unit plays 11-5
3 unit plays 2-3
5 unit plays 0-3

NBA Betting > Build your bankroll with me. Real Deal > View Post
803 Dallas Mavericks -3.5            -105   220USD          (+200USD)
804 Under 201.5                          -110  220USD            (-220USD)
807 Oklahoma City Thunder Pk  -110  220USD            (-220USD)
808 Under 208.5                          -110  220USD            (-220USD)


304  Under 49.5                           -110  220USD          (+200USD)

NBA Betting > SUNDAY NBA *****Biggest bet of the Year No 1****** > View Post
Was on the other side of your bet of the year - but got to grant you the knowledge and/or courage of incredibly surprising outcomes. 
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