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MLB Betting > Th (5/30) "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" > View Post
I dont understand are you picking the A's or SF you picked A's in your 1st post but your saying theres no way SF can get swept.

MLB Betting > Multiple MLB Chase Systems (+250 units in 2012) > View Post
what does BOL mean lol!

MLB Betting > May 30 Bases > View Post
Just curious how you have the over if the sox cant hit for sh*t

MLB Betting > Thursdays Bases .. 5-30-13 > View Post
How do you have CHC/SOX O when the sax cant hit! and have shown that this whole season

Las Vegas > Bad Customer Service In Vegas, Post It Here > View Post
The Wynn is the absolute worst casino I have everrrrrrr been too.  (Gambling wise) The clubs are amazing and its really beautiful but if you enjoy gambling as I do DONT play there ever.  That being said, I was playing Black Jack at $100.00 a handm and came up $800.00 not even a minute later 3 floor man came up to my table STOPED THE GAME and approached me like I was a fricken crime boss and told me they need my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!! In shockm embarrassed, angry, frustrated, killed my flow ( you know when your winning what flow Im talking about).  I told them I dont feel comfortable doing that, they said then I have to stop the game and LEAVE THE CASINO!!!! I couldn't believe that sh*t!!! How embarrassing and completely out of my control i couldn't do ANYTHING but LEAVE.  NEVER AGAIN WILL I GAMBLE AT THE WYNN.  STAY AT THE WYNN OR DO ANYTHING AT THE WYNN (Except the club)  lol!! When your friends are all going what are you supposed to do.  

MLB Betting > houston/colorado > View Post
Colorado dominates today, and over. There's no way Houston wins back to back over Colorado.
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