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1/17/17 7:00pm  Live In-Play Basketball  9731 Kentucky 1st Half Over 34 -115* vs Mississippi State  View
Never on the right side of the wizards.... View
I should really start taking what I take on covers NBA contest..... View
I always mute when I stream games, I can't take the announcers. View
last leg of my moneyline parlay should be +$1300...unreal no call at the end  View
Jazz put out 5 players on the floor that I'm not sure where they even came from and Houston makes them look like all stars View
Why I continue to take this f uckin team is beyond me no defense just walking out to wide open shooters at the 3 point line, harden just goes down throws up 3's clanks it every single time but yet I still put money on them  View
Refs seriously need to take the whistle out of there mouths. Jesus View
Put Matt Ryan in that category  View
Um the line moved 7 points....if adam stays in tcu had no chance I just lost $2500  View
Your pick would have been done if adams stays in the game... View
This is hard to watch oregon last leg of of 2 parlays for $2500 View
Got Philly ML at +330 Live in Game $200 View
Last leg of my moneyline parlay is the kings for $1500 payout. Hedge or no?  View
South Dakota St the other day shot 14-32 fts, at one point missed 7 straight.... View
Can they play defense without fouling?  View
cost me the fuckin g cover -5 View
Great night yesterday lets keep it rolling +$1200 with the win on the moneyline parlay.

Auburn -3 $240/$200
Oklahoma  -6 $240/200
Penn St -1 $55/$50

4 teamer ML TCU Oklahoma SMU Monmouth $250/$380

GL Guys 
Purdue Under 

Western Kentucky 

make sure you have pop up blocker
$110.00$100.00Pending12/22/15 8:00pm  Live In-Play Basketball  9555 Vanderbilt/Purdue Under 109½ -110* 
Adding George Washington -6 $110/$100 View
Utep -4  View
Iowa St Moneyline  View
Western Kentucky -3 $330/$300
Utep  -4 $110/$100
Iowa St Moneyline $50/$90

Also got 2 moneyline parlays going $200/$1060

Good Luck tonight guys

For fuc ks sake View

12/13/15 9:04pm$100.00$365.00Pending12/13/15 9:00pm  College Basketball  755 Wyoming +365* vs New Mexico State 
Just wondering if anyone would want to join a draftkings weekly private league? Entry fee is $10 per week, if interested pm me your email and draftkings name.  View
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